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  1. Just declined my interview on Dec. 2nd because I got accepted at my top choice....I hope that someone on the wait list gets a shot!!
  2. Just got my call from Leah!! Beyond excited to join class of 2019. I was in the green group interviewed Nov. 19th
  3. Yeah I received the email last week. I'm not sure when the other dates are but I assume they have dates going into December.
  4. Just accepted my interview for Nov. 19th!!! I've heard great things about the interview process, can't wait to meet everyone!
  5. Just signed up for a Dec. 2nd interview!! Excited to meet everyone. For those wondering I did apply before the Sep. 1st deadline. Let the prep begin!
  6. Hi PAok: You will most likely need to dump this whole essay. You very often list cliché reasons for being a PA that do no separate it from choosing any other healthcare profession. Give us some concrete examples of why you chose this profession and why you are the right candidate for a PA school. Never spend an entire paragraph explaining a black mark on your resumé. Also, you need to back up your claims with experience. You never mention meeting a PA or interacting with one. Overall, this essay need a lot of work, and has glaring grammar/spelling errors to boot. If you can afford it, I recommend using a essay review service, they can help formulate your experiences into compelling reasons that you would be a good candidate. Good Luck!
  7. Are any of the applicants who received an interview invite willing to post their stats/background? I think this would be good to see what they're looking for in an applicant Haven't received an interview (yet!) but here are my stats: Human Development major Cum GPA: 3.4 sGPA: 3.35 Last 45 GPA: 4.0 Experience: PCE: 2000+ hours ED technician 500 hours Transporter/Orderly 200+ hours shadowing 3 different ER & Primary Care PAs Extensive volunteer experience Please share!
  8. I am currently pre-PA (just sent out all my applications!) and I work for Scripps in San Diego. This is a brand new program that they started this year so that the the La Jolla campus can move to be a level 1 Trauma center. The only way to obtain a level 1 trauma center is to have "training residencies" within the hospital system. This is definitely a legit program and something I am interested in joining after I graduate as well! The only caveat I would add is that PAs are still a new and growing profession in San Diego, so they don't have the same responsibilities/trust that they have in other areas of the country that have been working with PAs for decades. This is definitely changing though and with additions of residencies like this one it is only going to grow!
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