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  1. I interviewed in September for the first set of interviews and was put on the wait list, they called me 2 weeks later and said i was accepted. I think they look at the wait list after each day of interviews.
  2. I have been accepted to LMU, however, I have to take biochemistry before starting in May. I enrolled in UNE's online medical biochemistry class and I am currently in week 2 of the course. I was just wondering if anyone had taken this before and how the class was or if you had any study tips. There is a lot if information to go through. Thanks for any help!
  3. Does anyone know how many people they put on their wait list?
  4. I have an interview Jan. 22 also!!! Good luck everyone!
  5. How was the interview process, for those of you that have already been?
  6. I got accepted off of the wait list, I am so excited!!!! Has anyone started a Facebook page?
  7. I have applied to South College as well. My GRE is not as high as I had hoped but I am in the same boat as you I have over 1000 direct patient care hours. I hope that counts for something!
  8. I got my letter in the mail today and I am on the alternate list. Congrats to everyone accepted and hopefully I will be there too.
  9. Does anyone know if they wait for a few groups of interview sessions before meeting to make decisions? The wait is far worse than the interview!
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