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  1. I passed too! a few months ago, but I passed. Rosh was off for mine, by about 200 pts
  2. I know when I went to school they looked more at trends than they did solid numbers. if you at least make the minimum of numbers, then i would go for it. Be expected to discuss those experiences and explain how they made you a better person, how you learned from it, etc. I would definitely make sure that you have some decent healthcare experience to back up the lower points in your application. Getting the interview is the hardest part (IMO) and once you do that, it's all dependent on your personality and how the school feels you would "fit"
  3. I'm hoping it paid off too! I just tried that and it still says I'm not certified... Hoping it's just not been updated vs. bad news bears
  4. I keep checking my phone for the email.....like q 2 mins
  5. I took all 3000+ questions with the subscription. I had a friend who had the extra tests, i took a couple with them, but didn't feel like it helped much. I was scoring upper 70s and took the test the 17th....anxiously awaiting my results.
  6. I have to respectfully disagree. As a practicing paramedic, I can intubate, administer medications, splint, reduce dislocations, utilize ultrasound POC and assess and create a plan of care for my patients. Does that mean I should also be paid the same as a physician? While I understand what you are trying to say, I think there is a certain amount of compensation that occurs due to the nature of the education you receive. As a paramedic, I completed a one year certification program (still get paid less than RNs). As PAs we complete 2 years of graduate level training. Most physicians ha
  7. I feel like stats are looked at too closely here. but... I'm a paramedic with over 15000 hours, 8000 more as an EMT. I'm an educator on top of it. BS in Health Science. LORs from 2 MDs and a supervisor. cGPA 3.2, sGPA 3.5, last 60hr 3.8
  8. You too. I hope you hear something soon. Have you heard from other places?
  9. Good luck to both of you. I really want to attend UF, but I did get into a state school in MO that I've put a deposit down on, but I really want to be a Gator. Here's to a night of hard thinking.
  10. It was a long time ago. I was surprised when I got the phone call this afternoon. Really wasn't expecting it.
  11. I am a paramedic. I have over 15000 hours in as a medic, both adult and peds. 8000 hours prior to that as an emt/hospital tech. I majored in Health Science yea I think we must have. I will be declining this seat though. I have two other acceptances, including one really close to home. Hope this opens a seat for someone else.
  12. That's interesting, I also graduated from NAU as an undergrad, but have yet to hear from them, but I got an interview at UF in sept. Still waiting to hear their final decision, but not a peep from NAU.
  13. The interview was VERY informal. The program director went over the program, we had lunch in a room and talked to a couple of current students and then had our three individual interviews, which were each very informal. I actually had a lot of fun at this interview, I was a little shocked when I got the acceptance.
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