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  1. Hey everybody, I'm a current student. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I'll try and respond ASAP. Best of luck!
  2. Hey all, I'm sure you're all quite anxious and excited. Us 18's are starting to get in the thick of exams, so bear with me. For those of you that have been accepted (at least to Miami), eventually a facebook group will be made for you after there's a confirmation of your roster. It may take some time as the roster is continuously changing (there were a few kids who were pulled off the waitlist literally DAYS before orientation even started). I'm sure that the Croix and Pete will have a fb page made by 18s from your respective classes. There's a few days respite, so ask away and I'l
  3. My interview was 10/09. So the response for accepted students was really fast. The wait list, from my understanding was much more daunting. I don't want to spread misinformation about that but I can ask and see if anybody from my class who was waitlisted would be willing to respond
  4. Hey all. So when I was invited for my interview, I received an email 9/8 to reserve a spot for either 9/25, 10/9,or 10/16. I received my provisional acceptance 10/13. Hope this help!
  5. So this is common for many places you may or may not apply to. Just in case, academician is a professor from one of your classes that you took. Preferably a pre-req (which I presume you knew all this). Although you are certainly free to call Michelle and ask, my experience has been that if a school states something in writing/on their website (e.g. GPA minimum, pre-reqs, minimal HCE) then they will not settle for anything less than that. Best of luck.
  6. Thank you! So I was contacted and told all my materials were received in the same email for my interview invite. Best of luck!
  7. As Clarkc825 very well stated, each campus has their own strengths. If you're talking about requirements in terms of academically, I remember seeing that the other campuses (not miami) had stricter requirements. But don't let that draw you solely to Miami. The campus has the draw of being near the city and working with urban populations, which many find desirable. Also, rent is ridiculously high. Definitely do a little soul searching and researching before you determine which campus fits your personality best. :)
  8. Hey all, CASPA open up soon, so I thought I'd open up this topic. I am a member of the class of '18 at Miami Shores. I interviewed at a few places last year that had the class above take care of communications related things, so I figured I'd follow suit. Also, for the accepted class into the Miami campus, one (or a few of us) will create your page so that we can answer any questions that you may have (Moving has been the most daunting issue for most of us). I'll be here for any questions. So feel free to PM me :D Of course, take multiple views into account, not just mine. Best
  9. Congratulations on the interview invite! I had a very positive experience. The other candidates were awesome, and the staff is friendly. Our group interview consisted of two students asking us random questions to break the ice, as well as some scenario based questions. There are two individual interviews so that they are able to gather more than one perspective. They aren't intimidating at all; they're actually looking for reasons to promote you when they go to meet, so of course, present yourself in the best light. There's also an essay that you will have to write, but they give you ample
  10. Sweet. I've been accepted. Anybody know how to submit the deposit other than snail mail? I can't find a button on my mybarry that directs me to do so.
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