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  1. It really depends on where you are. The ER I volunteered at allowed me to take vital signs, assist with/observe procedures, do EKGs, and even CPR, as well as restocking rooms and assisting patients. So they are out there! I had to spend a few months doing the grunt work, but once they got to know me I gradually was able to do more things. I volunteered there for almost 3 years and accumulated around 500 hours.
  2. I'm not an expert on CASPA by any means, but I didn't have any problems last year reporting my hours this way.
  3. What I did was take my total number of hours and divide by the approximate number of weeks (excluding holidays, vacations, and weeks I didn't work) to get hours/week.
  4. Try to tie the beginning paragraph into the rest of your essay. Right now it isn't really relevant to what you talk about later. Or consider taking it out and beginning with the stroke patient. I feel like the second paragraph can be taken out as well. You can talk about being introduced to the profession somewhere else. There are a few grammatical errors that can be fixed easily (sentences that are not complete sentences, commas, etc.). Also, doctor, physician assistant, cardiologist, patient, etc. do not need to be capitalized. There is a lot of "I" in this essay. Try to incorporate more "we" in your essay, especially when talking about your work as a paramedic. You have a partner that contributed in some way to the patient's outcome, right? This will show you have the ability to work well as a team (important for the PA profession). Try to tie in what you've said earlier into your conclusion to really pull it all together. It's good, just a few edits and you should be ready to submit it when the new cycle opens. Good luck!
  5. I made the difficult decision to accept another offer and give up my seat here. So someone on the alternate list should be receiving a phone call soon. Good luck everyone!
  6. You definitely have good things in this narrative. I would work to integrate your story at the beginning into the rest of the narrative. It kind of sits by itself right now. Talk about a similar experience you had with a PA or reference this story later in the narrative. The second to last paragraph is like a bulleted list of advantages to being a PA. While it's good that you know this, it's important to show it. Talk about a specific PA you talked to and their experiences. Or compare your work-life balance as an Investment Portfolio Analyst to what you'd rather have. PA Admissions don't just want to hear about your experiences, that's all in your application, they want to see your reflections on those experiences and how it's led you to wanting to become a PA. Work on your transitions and show a little more reflection, and I think you will have a final draft.
  7. Like MT2PA said your numbers are decent, but when there are so many applicants decent numbers can get overlooked. I would recommend maybe retaking a science class or two at a community college to bring your science GPA up a little (closer to 3.5). I think you're okay with your GRE. Definitely continue getting HCE and shadowing hours and try to get experience in different areas/departments. If you don't have many volunteer hours, try to work on getting some to make you a more "well-rounded applicant". Have multiple people review your personal statement and start working on editing it before next cycle. Also make sure you apply early! Aim to have your application done in May/early June. Good luck!
  8. Patrick, I interviewed back in September and was accepted. I have a BS 3.8 GPA, 3.6 science GRE 312 total I currently work full-time as a medical assistant and part-time as an EMT. I have approx. 1000 hours healthcare experience, 2500 hours direct patient care, and 100 hours of PA shadowing. I originally accepted the offer, but this week I made the difficult decision to give up my seat to attend a program much closer to home. I would expect quite a few people who originally accepted offers will accept seats in other programs due to cost (I'm a Texas resident where tuition is much cheaper) so don't give up hope! Good luck to you and everyone else! I really loved Midwestern, and I know it's a great program! I just wish it were more affordable.
  9. Is your deposit due tomorrow? It seems really soon to have to come up with that much money (I thought we'd have 2-3 weeks).
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