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  1. I got accepted off the waitlist! I cant wait to get to know everyone!
  2. Congratulations! I got placed on the waitlist from the February 11th interview.
  3. I got an email that I was on a waitlist to interview. Anyone else?
  4. I got an interview invite as well for Aug 30th!!!! Cant wait to see you there!!
  5. How long did it take for CASPer to email you? I submitted the day before yesterday and haven’t heard anything since. Also how was the test? thanks for the info!
  6. I figured I would open up a new thread for this application season!
  7. I am currently on the waitlist for a different program from the last cycle. Did you change your personal statement a lot? Or any thing in the supplemental applications??
  8. Congrats on getting accepted to both schools!! I was in the December interview as well! Were you dual degree??
  9. Congrats!! We’re you dual degree or just going in to the PA program?
  10. I am a dual degree who was waitlisted and haven't heard anything either....
  11. Who else from the dec 12th interviews have heard? I got put on the waitlist.
  12. I just received and interview invite for December 12th as well!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! I applied for the dual degree.
  13. Rejection email here also :( Congrats to those who got in!!
  14. So random question.... I have been doing as much research on the subject as possible and am still slightly confused. Does anyone know what Provisional Accreditation means for the students?
  15. Civilian medic here. Did anyone here anything different? I got the same email.
  16. Do you know when that vote will take place?
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