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  1. I am from 5th! I wasn't expecting today, so super surprised. Im so excited!!
  2. Did you get in?? If it was from Dr. Tobin, you must have!
  3. Mr. Wilson said decision hasn't been made for the 9/5-9/19 group yet, so don't freak out if you don't get a call today. Hope we hear back soon!
  4. OMG, didnt think about it at all! You are right. Thank you, you saved my day. I was getting pretty depressed. Lets patiently wait with hope!!
  5. Is it what's happening? I was, too, wondering when we would hear back. I interviewed on the 5th as well. The first group (the first three interview dates) heard back two days after the third interview date. I was thinking if they decide every three weeks, it could have been yesterday. But I hope they just do it in the end of the month. Anyone heard back from 9/5-9/19 interview dates?
  6. Congratulations!! Im so happy for you!! Lucky to get accepted early in the process :)
  7. I received an interview invite today as well. Really excited! Good luck everyone!!
  8. eringihime

    Advice whether to take the GRE again

    Really? Awesome, thank you!
  9. eringihime

    Advice whether to take the GRE again

    What was your score for AW? I got 3.5 ;/ Im retaking it next week but pretty discouraged.
  10. I received confirmation about a week after I submitted supplemental. You will receive it soon!
  11. Socalemt, Thank you! I was getting worried because the invitations were sent out late May last year.
  12. Has anyone received an interview invite yet?

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