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  1. 1st-year UCD PA student here, Congratulations to all the applicants who have received interview invites! You've made it past all the hard paper statistics of your GPA, amount of clinical hours, and countless personal statement revisions. Now the program wants to know who you are as a person. Don't sweat it, the faculty are extremely welcoming and want you to be as comfortable as possible. You'll find that this interview is a lot different than other traditional PA school interviews. I hope to meet some of you during or before your scheduled interview day. As Phil mentioned, we are hopi
  2. To those of you that are still on the waitlist hoping to hear back soon, I will be withdrawing my seat for another program (cost was a factor for me). Good luck to the rest of the cohort!
  3. I've been on the waitlist for the past few months and I just got an e-mail acceptance from UC Davis! Classes begin a month from now, hopefully those of you are still waiting will be notified soon! Stay hopeful!
  4. I interviewed on 11/3/15 and received a call for acceptance on 11/6/15.
  5. I just received mine too, coincidentally 8 minutes after my previous post.
  6. Likewise, replied back accepting the waitlist position a few hours after their initial e-mail. Also sent them another e-mail a few days later with a few questions regarding the waitlist and the process. No response yet though. Just curious, it seems like everyone on here that received a decision from the supplemental has either only been accepted or waitlisted. Anybody know if they've rejected anyone yet?
  7. I also received an e-mail from Admissions recommending me to the waitlist. Totally caught me off-guard since they mentioned they wouldn't get back to us until mid-February. Anyone know anything about the wait-list process/rankings? Anyone gain acceptance?
  8. Submitted my supplemental as well. Wishing everyone the best as we await their decisions in February!
  9. I received a call today from TUC offering me admission into their program! I'm so excited!! I participated in the 11/3/15 interview for those wondering.
  10. That's awesome news, looking forward to seeing you there Rahkat!
  11. I just received an invitation to interview for 11/3. About one week in advance notice, maybe someone declined last minute and I'm taking their spot? Either way, excited for the opportunity and hope to see some of you there!
  12. I have decided to decline my Oct 30, 31 interview. Hope this opens up a spot to another applicant. Good luck to the rest of you and best wishes to the UPAP Class of 2018!
  13. I received an e-mail acceptance this afternoon!! I interviewed on 10/5. Stay patient to those of you still waiting to hear back.
  14. I received an interview invite this morning for 10/30. To those of you still waiting for invites, keep patient! They acknowledged receipt of my application on 9/7.
  15. Congrats soccer15!! That was fast, anyone else from the 10/5 interview receive a decision?
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