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  1. I emailed Ms. Spence a couple days ago giving up my seat at Barry's St Croix campus class. Good luck to you all!
  2. Yes I am coming from Florida! And yes I do have a lot of questions about relocating up north, I'll message you! Thanks!
  3. Just got accepted earlier today! Could not be any more excited to join the students at Quinnipiac!
  4. Just received my acceptance email! I interviewed 11/20. I can't wait to meet my future classmates!
  5. I also interviewed previously (August 17th) and received a wait list email, and then another email September 15th asking if I was still interested in remaining on the waitlist. I was hoping after they received their accreditation that they would offer some spots but I still have not heard anything yet.
  6. I am very anxious and hopeful for an interview as well...My application was verified June 7th then the committee asked to see 4 different classes syllabi. After sending them in over the 2 months of emails back and forth, I received the email that I was onto the second level of evaluation and possible interview. Its been a stressful process but I am crossing my fingers as I am a Florida resident and HUGE Gators fan. I've already been accepted at one of my second choice schools (and forked over the deposit), but would do absolutely anything for UF! Congrats to all that are accepted thus far!
  7. Those that are accepted into the St. Croix campus and are planning to attend would any of you be interested in starting a facebook page to talk about the living situations and living on an island? Congratulations...So excited!
  8. I interviewed in St. Croix September 11th and received my acceptance email this morning! Good luck to you all and hopefully I'll get to meet some future classmates!
  9. What is the process for those that are on the wait list or denied? Will emails be sent out today as well or is it a formal letter in the mail?
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