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  1. Congrats! The email will come in a week or so. I believe you have two weeks to reply to the email. This gives you an extra week to decide. Don't worry about when the email comes, the phone call is the important event.
  2. I just created a group to get us started, CWRU PA-S 2019. Let me know if there's any trouble finding it.
  3. We could create an unofficial group to keep us entertained until the official group starts...I know at least one member of this class is not on facebook, but I can email him if there is anything important. It was his choice to miss our icebreaking facebook frivolities ;)
  4. I just got the call! I can't wait to get started. I interviewed October 20th. My app was submitted 8/01/2016
  5. Per the CASPA breakdown, I would be adding to a column that currently has a 0.0 in it. Based off my recent grades, that would change to a 3.5 to 4.0. If I completed 36 hours of post bacc work at a 4.0, that would still go in to my cGPA for undergrad. Then, it would be a whopping 2.8 instead of a 2.63. My GPA is my fault, I wanted to party instead of going to class when I was at FSU 20 years ago. The MS I am looking at would be in Med Micro and Biochem, which I would imagine to be useful down the line.
  6. @paadmissions My stats: cGPA 2.63 for 256 credit hours per CASPA GRE 163/164 I do not have my official scores yet HCE 20,000+ hours as a Paramedic with 7 years as a SWAT Medic Certs ACLS,BLS, PALS, TCCC, SWAT, PRSBI, PHTLS Shadowing hours with ER PA and ER DO LORs from PA, DO, MSN/RN, Physics Prof, Bio Prof, and Retired Lt CMDR USN My most recent cGPA which includes my science pre-reqs is a 3.95 for 43 hours. It drops to a 3.85 for my last 93 hours, with all of the classes being taken while working full time as a medic. Due to the number of credit hours I have, raising my un
  7. Thanks for the input. Glorious, those are my numbers from CASPA and I'm aware of the LOR limits, I am just stating what I have available. The input that I am looking for would be schools that will make an exception for my cGPA, ie schools that will not automatically kick my app out without looking at the HCE and GREs. Raising my cGPA to the minimum required for some schools would be an insane proposition(36 credit hours to hit the 2.8 cGPA mark and I am guessing 80 hours to hit a 3.0). My last 43 hours GPA, which include my pre-reqs, is a 3.95. I have a 3.85 for my last 93 hours. I am se
  8. Can anyone list some of the schools that will use a "replacement GPA"? I am looking for recommendations for school to apply to that may make exceptions for non-traditional students with low GPAs/high GREs/extensive clinical experience. Thanks for your help! GPA(First 120 credits) 2.0 B.S. Human Sciences GPA(Last 136 credits) 3.1 GPA(Last 43 credits with PA Pre-reqs) 3.8 cGPA 2.63 GRE 163/164 (I do not have my essay score yet) HCE 20,000+ hours SWAT Paramedic/Assistant
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