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  1. I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread. I have nothing to contribute more than a simple thank you to people like @M1ke10191 and @Timon for posting their journeys towards applying and actually becoming PAs with not the greatest GPA. I was recently accepted to a program with a sub 3.0 gpa and reading Timon's story awhile back was one of the major reasons I kept at it when it came to taking pre-reqs and remaining passionate about this dream of becoming a PA despite a low GPA. This forum is an amazing place where a lot of us pre-pa's come to find advice and reinforcements whether positive or negative that can help guide us along our journey. Neg. opinions can be a slight hindrance for those who may desperately need it but for those that our truly passionate about this dream it is generally used as a motivational tool, so it always appreciated. @M1ke10191 I wish you the best of luck this cycle and look forward to hearing of your acceptance and further down the line graduation of a program. @Timon as a former lurker turned determined applicant and now (almost) PA student, thank you for being on this forum.
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