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  1. I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread. I have nothing to contribute more than a simple thank you to people like @M1ke10191 and @Timon for posting their journeys towards applying and actually becoming PAs with not the greatest GPA. I was recently accepted to a program with a sub 3.0 gpa and reading Timon's story awhile back was one of the major reasons I kept at it when it came to taking pre-reqs and remaining passionate about this dream of becoming a PA despite a low GPA. This forum is an amazing place where a lot of us pre-pa's come to find advice and reinforcements whether positive or negative that can help guide us along our journey. Neg. opinions can be a slight hindrance for those who may desperately need it but for those that our truly passionate about this dream it is generally used as a motivational tool, so it always appreciated. @M1ke10191 I wish you the best of luck this cycle and look forward to hearing of your acceptance and further down the line graduation of a program. @Timon as a former lurker turned determined applicant and now (almost) PA student, thank you for being on this forum.
  2. Is there a way she can re-submit though?
  3. Now that I think about it, I'm overreacting. I'm lucky to even have such a letter, hopefully adcoms don't care about those small mistakes and look big picture.
  4. So this morning I bumped into my nurse manager that wrote one my letters of recommendation this cycle and she ended up printing out for me the detailed letter of recommendation she submitted on my behalf. I was awed by how vast and detailed the letter she wrote was but I was also left surprised at the many and I mean MANY "physician's assistant" (in lower case letters) there were throughout the entire recommendation. I was at a complete loss for words after reading. I mean she works along side so many on our floor I didn't think this was possible. The last sentence ended with: I implore you to consider him for you physician's assistant program" I don't even know what to say to that. I mean, I absolute love the fact that she wrote such a detailed letter for me describing my many interactions with patients, nurses, PAs and Physicians but I cant help to feel MORTIFIED at what Adcoms will think! I am already nervous about this process it became amplified after reading this letter. Any advice on what I should do?? Should i call my schools? Should i call CASPA to see if i can have her removed from my app? Am i overreacting? Please help!
  5. Thanks for the input, I guess I was overzealous in trying to hammer my point in.
  6. I think you should talk more about how your experience with the PA or your experiences in your internship or work in general has led you to the career of a PA and not anything else. I struggled with that initially but from time working with or observing PAs you begin to see the what things make the PA profession stand out from the rest.
  7. Hey guys new member to the forum but have always popped in as a guest to look up advice. Would like some advice on my PS. Any critique/advice is welcome, looking to submit sometime next week, oct/dec deadlines. I am worried i don't talk enough about my experiences and am coming off a little too cheesy.
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