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  1. Hey all, Recently started at a new job as a new grad. I'm in a "training period" now where I'm essentially seeing every patient, and my SP comes in afterwards and we talk about each patient. It's a nice setup for now. Our clinic is open 8-5 M-F, but we frequently come In earlier (6:30-7:00) and stay until 6-6:30. It's a one doc practice and I am the first PA to join. While I am "full time" per my contract, is there any way I can negotiate a "creative" schedule once I start seeing patients independently? Is there any way I could lobby for a 4 day work week? I have a feeling the schedule is going to be very overwhelming and I'd like to get ahead of this before feeling like I'm drowning. Thanks for any input!!
  2. Took the exam on 5/23 and received results today. Passed :)
  3. I hope you're right! I'm trying to forget about the test as much as I can. A few questions keep creeping back to memory and the tally of incorrect answers is skyrocketing. Fingers crossed for all of us...really hoping it turns out well! Hope it went well for takers today.
  4. Took the PANCE this morning. Can't believe how badly I feel about how it went. I know that about 30-40 of the questions I took educated guesses on ended up being incorrect. Went into it feeling confident. Bah. This feels so defeating! I'd feel much better knowing if some of those educated guesses were correct. Here's to waiting...
  5. Thank you both for your replies. I finished my medical training in Europe 2 years ago. I can't see myself going through residency in the states (due to a few reasons), but I feel pretty confident in PA school thus far. I have rarely studied in the evenings over the past 3 months, so I see it as an opportunity to earn the MBA now rather than in the future. Did your MBA/MPH help either of you in terms of job opportunities, leverage for a higher salary, etc? I have a slight business background, so it makes sense for me to open doors for the future. I want to eventually do more than just be a clinician. My main concern with earning it has to do with cost more than anything else (is it worth the extra 40k on top of PA loans)? Thanks again.
  6. Hello everyone, Would it be (realistically) possible to complete an online MBA while simultaneously in PA school? I am a foreign medical graduate and I just began PA school (didn't want to go through residency in the states). I am actively realizing there is a huge time commitment in PA school, but I have found that my previous training has made it much less stressful/time consuming than for my classmates. Would it be too far fetched to take 1-2 MBA classes online given my background? Thank you for the help.
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