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  1. I recently graduated from PA school and having a tremendously hard time finding a position as a new grad. I've also been unsuccessful in finding healthcare networking events in the Denver area. Does anyone know of events in the Denver market or other avenues to get face to face networking exposure? Thanks all!
  2. I received notification today I was not selected for the position. The competition was solid and likely all had more experience than me. My school focused on primary care and I wasn't able to rotate in ortho. What's meant to be is meant to be, but I am definitely a little distraught not being selected after meeting the team seeing the facility. I'll start fresh next week and keep on hunting...Thanks all for following and responding.
  3. I'm looking for interim, temporary work for about a month while waiting for my license. Otherwise, I agree with you.
  4. I recently passed the PANCE and now awaiting a job offer and state license but want to start making $$ before I start. Any ideas for an interim job? Thanks.
  5. I have heard similar poor interview stories; I guess I appreciate their unintentional honesty because if their intention for applying for the job was interim, the inevitable truth would be revealed after time and money were spent on training. I wish everyone could be intentionally honest... I live in CO, but looking into Sport's Med/trauma call in Oregon. This lead was my number 1 choice and all has been going well (thus far) so I haven't aggressively sought other positions previously researched. All things happen for a reason, so if I am not the best fit, I appreciated the interview
  6. Thanks @OrthoTraumaPAC, I think the interview went well and enjoyed it very much. The format was very informal and I met with several folks in the practice over two days. That said, I only spent a short time with the many surgeons and PAs and received mostly questions about "Why Ortho Surg?" and "Why here?", which I wish I had more time to expand upon. To my surprise, I wasn't asked any skills or technical questions as was foretold before I interviewed. The group, as a whole, was very impressive and I enjoyed all the personalities of those I met. Prior to the interview, I had not yet take
  7. @beattie228Excellent comments, thanks for posting! I am fully ready to be under a supervisory role as I value the mentorship and learning opportunities from those more experienced than me and look forward to the career ahead of me. Joe
  8. I have an interview with an orthopedic group coming up and have no idea what to expect in the interview. This is a second round interview at the clinic and unsure of the format, but I will be there all day meeting the providers on site and touring the facility. The first interview was with the CEO who asked general screening questions, however, I feel this interview will be more "technical" based and I want to prepare as much as possible. I have Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics but have no idea to what information and the level I should be familiar with prior to the interview. Please shar
  9. I am graduating in a few months and will likely be working in an emergency department with several supervising physicians. I have a type A, extroverted personality and have a great deal of patience, however, I tend to question authority in appropriate situations which can come across as argumentative/combative if not well-phrased. Does anyone have advice or a good resource to prepare me to navigate the PA-MD relationship? I certainly do not want to come across as argumentative, but also need to learn how to be assertive when appropriate. Thanks Joe
  10. Hi, I am a little over 4 months from graduating and looking for PANCE study resources. I hate buying new when there's perfectly good used materials out there and hopefully save a couple $$. Namely, I am looking for Davis's PA Exam Review, Lange Q&A Physician Assistant Examination, 7th Ed., and PANCE Prep Pearls, however never taken the exam, I am open to try any other study material that helped you pass! Thanks so much. Joe
  11. I'm a PA student at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, CO and I have a 6 week rotation approaching from mid-November through December. I am trying to spend this rotation at home in Branchville, NJ and not sure how to find a notable preceptor in northern NJ. Does anyone have a recommendation for a preceptor I can contact? Thanks, Joe
  12. I have a requirement to purchase a Welch-Allyn oto-opthalmoscope (NOT pocket size, PanOptic not necessary). I think that brand is not required, they believe we will have it for the rest of our careers. That said, I don't care what brand you have as long as it gets me through school and performs as well as the Welch-Allen. Thanks P.S. I also need a reflex hammer, 512 and 256 MHz, and tuning fork... Thanks!! Joe
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