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  1. Well to be completely accurate, UTSA doesn't even have a PA program. However, UT Health San Antonio does have a PA program.
  2. I have been doing mine for the last month. I have been getting recent updates as documents have been submitted. Other classmates have been getting updates regularly and some started the process before me and have had a similar issue. I would definitely see if you can figure out who you analyst is.
  3. Is there a source for this or was it overheard in a conversation?
  4. Based on your post history, I am beginning to think you might have an inferiority complex. Your posts are grammatical nightmares, barely cogent, and do not provide information to make me think you are a practicing PA. Honestly, I think you are just a troll. Go become a doctor or whatever you aspire to be. Then you can harp on NPs and PAs.
  5. Texas Occupational Code: Sec. 204.2045. VOLUNTEER CARE AND SERVICES PERFORMED DURING DISASTER. (a) The supervision and delegation requirements of this chapter and Subtitle B do not apply to medical tasks performed by a physician assistant: (1) during a disaster under the state emergency management plan adopted under Section 418.042, Government Code; (2) during a disaster declared by the governor or United States government; or (3) as a volunteer for a charitable organization or at a public or private event, including a religious event, sporting event, community event, or health fair. (a-1) This section does not apply to medical tasks performed by a physician assistant for compensation or other remuneration. (b) A physician assistant performing medical tasks under this section: (1) is entitled to the immunity from liability provided by Section 74.151, Civil Practice and Remedies Code; and (2) is acting within the scope of the physician assistant's license for purposes of immunity under Section 84.004(c), Civil Practice and Remedies Code. (c) A physician assistant may perform tasks described by this section: (1) under the supervision of any physician who is also performing volunteer work in the disaster, for the charitable organization, or at the public or private event; or (2) without the supervision of a physician, if a physician is not available to provide supervision. (d) A physician assistant employed by the United States government or licensed in another state may perform medical tasks in this state in circumstances described by Subsection (a)(1) or (2) without holding a license in this state.
  6. Yes, I am finishing up my clinicals and will be done in December.
  7. First interviews won't be till September. The earliest you will hear is probably later August. Overall, the program has benefits and downsides, like all programs. If you interview at UT Health SA, or anywhere, just remember you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.
  8. Tangent: we had a class during didactic year that covered the history of the PA profession, introduced us to malpractice insurance, and brought in various PA's working in different specialties and aspects of medicine. PA's came in and discussed the specialties they worked in and what they enjoyed about it, but they also brought in PA's that owned practices, worked as lobbyists and were in administration. One of them oversees one of the largest EM staffing groups for our area and asked us "who here is interested in going in hospital/healthcare administration?" Only one student raised their hand out of 50. It surprised me because many of us are focused on medicine, but few think about going into administration. One of the best things we can do as a profession is get more PA's in hospital/healthcare administration. Nurses are great placing themselves in administrative roles and fighting for more money and benefits for their nurses, but I feel PA's do not do this well. Something we need to do is begin to plant the idea in young PA's that going into administration is a good choice and is one that benefits our profession.
  9. Absolutely do not give out questions. That was discussed with you at the interview.
  10. Just a technicality I want to point out to people who keep making mention of it, but we are not UTSA. We are UT Health San Antonio. There is no affiliation between our universities other than we are both under the University of Texas system.
  11. I am with you there in thinking that we only scratch the surface. However, as others have stated medicine is about being a lifelong learner. What you learn in the class is not even what you see in real life. I was talking with an ex-girlfriend- who is a fourth year med student and entering residency in July - and I had just completed my second semester of clinical medicine and pathophysiology. I was discussing what I had learned and she said "damn, I really don't think I knew half of that until I was in my rotations." PA school cuts out a lot of the fluff and we learn a lot of the basics and build on that. We as PA's can become knowledgeable in our areas, but will not be the experts in the the subspecialties we work in. I am fine with that. IF you want to be the expert in your subspecialty, then become a doctor. If you are okay with not always knowing then the answer, then PA will great for you. It is all about what you want to be. I am 100% okay will reaching out to my supervising physician with questions. You have to determine if YOU are okay with that. I wish you the best of luck! (Also, you can always keep learning and know as much as a Dr., but if not having that title erks you, then DO/MD might be the route for you)
  12. People have been pulled off the waitlist very late. Remember, each time they offer a spot they review the applicants as a whole again. Additionally, remember not everyone is on Facebook or they choose not to join the group. An accurate head count is hard to ascertain. Don't give up and if you got an interview and were waitlisted, that bodes very well if you apply again for any school. Many of us were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time applicants. Anecdotally, I knew a PA I shadowed - and went to a different program - who was waitlisted and pulled off the waitlist after a person dropped out on the 3rd day of PA school. SOOO basically she was already 3 days behind, but was offered a spot. Crazy things happen :).
  13. Anti-PA seems a little harsh. Thats a lot of work and money to put up to go through accreditation to serve the sole purpose of destroying a profession.
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