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  1. I would definitely wait and let them resolve it, they know about the issue and I have faith they will get it fixed in time for us. Just have to be patient for now!
  2. hey guys I'm out of state too and no idea about the fingerprinting so if you get information please post it ????
  3. Thought I would start this up, good luck to everyone!
  4. Thought I would get this started. Goodluck to everyone!
  5. Congrats! Can't wait to hear about it! When did you submit?
  6. Congrats rose712! So happy for you, when was your interview date?? And I bet the rest of us will hear soon ????
  7. Thanks for the info! Good luck to everyone, and let us know when anything happens ????
  8. I called and they checked my status and said there has not been a decision yet, so not good or bad news, and they said I should know in a few weeks even though it has been a few weeks so I'm just trying to be patient! Someone else should call and see where they stand too to get more information
  9. Anyone receive acceptances or hear anything else from January interviews??
  10. Has anyone heard back from the January 14th interview? And good luck to all remaining interviews
  11. Make sure you give time for rush hour in the morning but it's about 830-230 maybe 2ish. It goes fairly quickly and is stress free
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