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  1. Did anyone get a call for the Boone campus?? I did!! I hope to meet some other Boone folks on here soon!
  2. There is still plenty of time to be called off the waitlist... but remember what Tom Petty would say, "the waiting is the hardest part". Has anyone actually called South for an update on their status? Or is this not recommended/useful??
  3. I got the waitlist e-mail as well. Did they put everyone who interviewed Sept. 1 & 2 a waitlist spot?? More importantly, how do they pick from a waitlist that has got to be larger than their incoming class!?
  4. Anyone have a guess as to how many rounds of interviews Campbell typically does? I could not find this mentioned anywhere on their website.
  5. I submitted the supplemental a few weeks before I got the email saying my file was complete. Around July 5th or 6th. I was hoping that would have been soon enough to get in on the first round, but I guess not!
  6. Second round of interviews invites should be coming soon, right? I received Campbell's "file complete" e-mail on 7/27, and am really hoping for an interview in the next round! PS. Congrats to all those already accepted!
  7. I do not, but judging solely on what people have posted on this forum, it has got to be getting pretty long!
  8. Does anyone know if it matters when you were added to the waitlist? Or, do they wait until the end of interviews and then rank that list independent of when one interviewed and added to the list? I.e. if you interviewed later, can you be placed above people who are already on the list? I am trying to decide whether to interview for a waitlist spot, but if I am automatically going to be placed at the bottom of what appears to be a very long list, I really do not see the point.
  9. I am interviewing tomorrow, Aug. 26. Is anyone else in this second round of interviews?
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