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  1. I called to ask them and they said as long as the application is complete by 9/1 it will be considered but they send out the confirmation email out once the application is verified. And indeed a few minutes after I got off the phone I received the email from them!
  2. Hi everyone! When did you receive a confirmation email from Rutgers that they received your application? Was it after your application was complete or after it was verified by CASPA? My application was completed on 8/20, but wasn't verified until today, so I'm worried that I missed the deadline :( I was informed that the application only needs to be completed by 9/1 and not verified, but I haven't received any correspondence from Rutgers saying that they received my application.
  3. Thank you for sharing this! Looks like the program doesn't require it to be verified, so hopefully that is accurate!! My application was verified today (completed 8/20).
  4. Can anyone provide any insight on whether having outstanding prerequisites affect the strength of an application. I know the program accepts applications with prerequisites in progress, but am wondering if that is looked at as a "bad thing" and if it would be better to apply after having everything completed. Thanks for any information anyone can provide and good luck to everyone!! :)
  5. Hi cnunez, I hope you don't mind me asking but did they let you know why you were waitlisted/not accepted? I am planning on applying this upcoming cycle and am curious as to what they focus on when reviewing applications. Thanks and good luck!! :)
  6. I submitted my application a little while ago and am still waiting for CASPA to verify :( I'm hoping it will happen before the deadline! I'm not sure what my chances are since I know they do rolling admissions and I'm applying at the last minute. Guess I'll just have to wait and see! How soon after you submitted your application did you hear from Rutgers? Good luck with your interview!!
  7. Completed: 8/20/15 Waiting on verification, but am a little nervous since the program's application deadline is 9/1....
  8. I didn't notice a forum for this program, so I thought I would try to start one.
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