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  1. A friend is doing an emed fellowship on long island for $90k - just something to consider
  2. A student from my program was dismissed 2nd semester of didactic and then did an accelerated BSN with no problem
  3. no need to be concerned - think of the FTCA as an "occurrence" malpractice insurance (so no tail needed - you were covered when the event occurred, rather than when the claim was made)
  4. The time will pass anyway. I can't imagine at the end that you'll look back and regret it. A few of my classmates were in their mid-30s when we graduated - none of them regretted their decision
  5. looks really good! I'm with a FQHC for $108k, but 5 clinic days and in a major city on the east coast. agree with the others about not signing any more than a 1 year contract
  6. max is a better way to describe it, but my group says goal. some hours are filled with just one patient with more complex needs, sometimes its just a lucky run of quick refills or snot/cough visits. my point was more that we don't have to settle for $80k to get a good quality primary care position
  7. if you can swing it financially, I say go for it. having a great SP as a new grad is SO important and loving your job can be worth a lot mentally and emotionally! you can always stay for a year or two to gain experience and move on if you can't make it work
  8. I'm a new grad primary care PA with a base of $108,000 and a "goal" of 4 pts/hr in a wonderful group with great support
  9. I took a couple courses online through my local county college and every school I applied to accepted them! they were pretty cheap too, under $200 I think?
  10. As a new grad my best offer was from emailing previous preceptors - doc called HR, they had just gotten a resignation notice but hadn't posted an ad yet. I think if I had to compete with all of the other applicants, I prob wouldn't have gotten it!
  11. I had a really similar stats to you and was accepted my first cycle. I say go for it - during interviews I was told that many schools that waitlist will auto accept those students in the next cycle, so even if you didn't get in now it might help for next cycle.
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