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  1. Salus University has a neonatology elective
  2. Congrats! Do you mind sharing any info about the offer? Also received an offer from IR in Central Jersey and feel it's a little weak.
  3. I had a really similar stats to you and was accepted my first cycle. I say go for it - during interviews I was told that many schools that waitlist will auto accept those students in the next cycle, so even if you didn't get in now it might help for next cycle.
  4. somewhat related question - in your opinion, at what point is being unemployed after graduation going to make us unhireable? I'm about 6 months out and had two offers that I was very excited about that fell through (accepted the verbal, contract never showed, hiring put "on hold" after a few weeks) and two offers that were terrible (noncompetes that they wouldn't modify, expectations of 50-70 pts/8 hr day in pain management, only doing DOT physicals and suboxone rx in UC). This has been the case for my classmates that remained in this area as well, but unfortunately I have family commitments that keep me here
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