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  1. Hey hold your head up man! Your stats are pretty good GPA and GRE wise. For next cycle I would focus on interview performance, getting more PCE (over 3000 hours), and LORs that can speak to your character.
  2. Congrats to everyone who was accepted! Can't wait to meet everyone!
  3. I GOT IN! Received the call about 820pm. I was in the very first interview session on October 8th!
  4. I interviewed on Friday Dec. 7th. What we were told was the 10th no later than Dec.11th. You should know something if you were accepted, waitlisted, or denied.
  5. For those of us who have interviewed we signed a confidentially agreement with UT, I can't tell you more than this. You have nothing to worry about! Be yourself, answer the questions fully and truthfully.
  6. Do you think it's too late to apply to this program? And what do they mean you need an intro into research course?
  7. I agree with Dani, it was definitely a long day! Goes by quick tho. The interview was mostly MMI, but one of the stations is traditional with the Director and a advisor. Dani I think we’ve were in the same group!
  8. Here are my stats BS in Healthcare Administration  cGPA:3.48  sGPA:3.38 No GRE  PCE: over 15,000 (Air Force Medic) for 14 years HCE: over 5,000 Volunteer: over 500 (Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Marie Wilkinson for Pantry, Hurricane Maria Relief efforts) Shawdowing: over 500, 1 ER PA, 1 Urgent Care PA/ Flight Medicine PA. Worked in both areas that’s why my shawdowing is so high plus I used my free weekends to shadow full shifts.   Certifications: EMT, CPR, CCT
  9. I have an interview for December 7th! See you there!
  10. Hey I received an interview too see y’all there October 8th!
  11. Good afternoon has anyone reached out to UT to ask about verification/ confirmation on receiving their application
  12. Thank you! I hope and pray I get accepted! I sure will keep you posted and yes it was through the Air Force, in the military it's a bit different than what the civilian sector does.
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