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  1. Was this your 6th time taking it? There are definitely ways to pass. I would suggest going back to the program for advice. Sit in on the didactic classes for a few months. Get the basics down and do rosh questions. This really can’t be the last chance you have.
  2. I actually thought about joining SDPA and putting it on my resume so I'll do that! I did get a lot of suture experience in ed as well so ill put that in too! I'm more worried about the actual dermatology part. I really want to make a good first impression to land the interview. thanks for the help!
  3. Hi guys. Im a new pa currently applying for derm positions. I have 4 rotations in each of surgery/ emed/ primary care and other core rotations. So a lot of procedures and first assisting. I have 2 years clinical rotation but none in dermatology. How do i swing this in my cover letter or interview? I’m almost 100% sure that derm is where i want to be, and its hard to get in, so if i get the opportunity i dont want to mess up. thanks for any advice!
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