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  1. it would take longer as i would have to take the whole sequence insted of just the classes i need. I am looking at other local universitys to see if i would be able to pick and choose like that.
  2. Hey i am having a hell of a time getting the pre reqs for PA program. I am enrolled in a couple CC and a University and the people who are science majors get to enroll in those classes berfore non majors. I tried to crash classes and was unable to get any prereq this semester. My advisor at the university said i should enroll pre med or take a post bac at another local school. The post back is 1 year and you get all of the pre reqs and they have advisors to help you thru the process but you cant work in that program. Its full time. Its geared tward career changers like me. Do you think that would be worth it? Why or why not.
  3. I have not seen a post if there is one. Is it possibe to work during year 1? Very part time like 3-5 shifts a month as a nurse? I know when I start clinicals that work is not an option. Still exlporing my options as I am just retaking some classes that are more than 5 years old so i can apply for PA school, so it will be at least one year before i am ready to apply. I am now picking up a shift or 2 a week on top of my FT job and just stacking the extra cash. I know i will have to take loans but i want as little as possible.
  4. Thank you. I was looking at some of the NP programs local to me and there seems to be lots of fluff.
  5. Thank you Wow sounds a lot like me. I got my CNA when i was in HS and did that to pay for college. I got my BA in another area and reilzed it was not for me less than 2yrs out. My family are all devided some people think that NP is better and others think PA. As of right now i LOVE the primary care office i work at but I also want options. I have only worked in primary care and LTC/SNF. I know i dont want to work as a bedside nurse in a hospital like the one i worked at as a PCA for a very short time.
  6. I am an LVN with a BA in another area. I work in a clinic now and i love it i would love to stay in primary care. I am trying to decide between PA vrs NP. Can you tell me why you picked. Thank you
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