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  1. I was a new grad 5 years ago. The offer was for 15k less than what they offered at another NYC major hospital. I didn't even bother going to the 2nd interview.
  2. I've done vascular for 3 years. Like it so far. Are you in OR, office, on the floor? How many cases or patients do you see? Are patients admitted under your service but and do you have to manage them? Are working with residents? How many surgeons and PAs are you with? Vascular cases are longgg. Are you staying late for all the cases? If so, do you get OT? Is there relief if you stay late? Will they pay for your loupes or lead? I can go into detail, but need to know what role you're in terms in inpatient, out, or surgery. What about weekend on call coverage?
  3. For those of you working in the hospital, have you ever requested a payscale for PAs based on years of experience. My hospital has one from years ago that's floating around. I asked HR about obtaining a current one. They just ignored my emails. HR is useless in my hospital. Very frustrating dealing with them. Is it required for them to release the payscale? How transparent is your hospital about yearly raises and how are they calculated?
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    Work flow

    Where are all the vascular pas? I just wanted to get a feel of what everyone at there is doing. What are your hours? What do you do? What are the best and worst parts of the job? What procedures do you do? How does your service run? I'm 2.5 years in. There are three vascular surgeons and two vascular pas. We work M-Th 8-6 usually later depending on surgeries. And the following week M-F 8-4 plus Saturday rounds about 2-3 hours. The two of us alternate each week. We're first assist for 90% of the cases. Angios, fistulas, bypasses, amps, evar, endarterectomy etc. We work the hospital
  5. Seriously admin? no subforum for vascular surgery?
  6. Moderator, Can we get vascular surgery as a specialty subforum please?
  7. Finally a society for vascular surgery PAs. https://vascular.org/about-svs/membership/affiliate
  8. Thank you! Appreciate the advice.
  9. Hello everyone! I will be starting my first job as a PA in vascular surgery in a few weeks. Just waiting for all my credentialing to be finished. My attending recommended that I read the Washington manual for surgery and the vascular/endovascular combat manual by Patrick Stone. I'm already a third-halfway done with both books. Anyone have any other recommendations/advice for a new PA in this field. Literally anything... Societies to join, websites to read, shoes to buy, goggles?? I know I'll find out everything when I start, but ANY advice in the mean time would be greatly appreciated.
  10. 3 year contract alone is a big no no. I'm not even going touch the fact that the salary is 70k with no benefits. It also sounds like they think they're doing you a favor when they said they won't make any money on you the first year. That is ridiculous.
  11. I can see why it can take up to two weeks. They give an in-depth explanation on how they score it here: https://www.nccpa.net/scoring. I just took my exam on Aug 28th. This will be the longest two weeks of my life...sigh. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
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