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  1. Congratulations! We are all gonna interview this Saturday but hopefully, the lot of us is going to join you! That is incredibly exciting!
  2. Hey, we have a solid date on that meet up. The room has been reserved and set to go. For those who don't use facebook, feel free to coordinate with me. Below are the details for the meetup: Kaladi Brothers Coffee 6921 Brayton Drive, Anchorage AK 99507 Friday, November 15th @ 6pm - 8pm
  3. Hello All, I've started a facebook group to help plan for these kind of meet ups The group last year was pretty resourceful. I'm a second year reapplicant from Fairbanks. Just copy and paste the group name below and we can start from there. Hope this helps! MEDEX Anchorage Class #12 Interview Session
  4. Thread for those heading to Anchorage for their interview session on Saturday 11/16. Wouldn't mind to meet up and discuss plans for this upcoming session.
  5. Anchorage invites are out. Interview date of 11/16. Hope others on this site has received the invite as well.
  6. Last year, I submitted my CASPA application 07/16/2018. The supplemental application was received on 07/31/2018. And then my application moved to faculty review 08/10/2018. Received an invitation to interview 10/17/2018. Its going to be a different timeline for others depending on when you submitted your application. Hopefully this helps!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm a second year applicant for my first choice: Anchorage, AK. Submitted 07/08 and now just waiting for everything to fall in line. I am available to answer any questions as I was able to interview for the program last cycle and know a few students who graduated from the Anchorage site. I wish everyone on this thread the best of luck! hhills: I'm not sure about the medical hours after you have submitted the application. But you should shoot them an email so you have a clear answer. I've emailed the program in the past and they have been quick with their responses.
  8. Received an invitation to interview this morning for Nov 17th. Hopefully others in this thread will receive a response as well. I am wishing everyone else the best of luck.
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