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  1. That's possible. Whatever it may be I'm very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you, yes hopefully!
  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to share that I was medium waitlisted and received a call this evening extending an offer for admission! Definitely was amazing to hear since Touro was my only school I had received an interview for and I was just about giving up hope! I hope that a few more of you are able to receive similar news????
  3. Congrats! Would you mind sharing your stats/healthcare experience?
  4. Wow Sar that really sucks! Im sorry that happened to you :/ Don't lose hope though and let that make you feel you're not good enough to be a PA. If you know in your heart that you want to medically help and impact others, then don't let anything or anyone make you feel otherwise. Don't get discouraged, stay positive and meanwhile do anything you can to improve yourself as a candidate. ????
  5. Interviewed on 11/3 and was medium waitlisted. Congrats to others who landed an interview and good luck!
  6. Juniortech-I also just received a call yesterday for the Nov. 3 interview. I was really surprised and it is right around the corner! For anyone wondering-I received confirmation of my file being complete on Sep. 2 and had also anxiously been waiting since then. Have hope and be patient! :)
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