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  1. Tufts was also the first school i got into. Even though this program is relatively new, their first year PANCE pass rate and great location show that they have a lot of potential to be a well regarded program in the future. I agree that I also didn't have the greatest interview experience there, but i was still very impressed with what they had to say and offer. i also think the early start in January is a HUGE factor--that's a year of potential salary! Ultimately, i turned down my interviews for rutgers and yale (my original first choice) to attend tufts. It was not an easy decision though.
  2. Many clinicians I have spoke to believe that physicians have a much greater depth of scientific background than PAs. That makes sense as they are the ones supervising us. So I want to propose a question, what is your opinion on this? I understand that while MD/DO programs have 2 years of didactic courses (eq. to 4 semesters), PA programs have 1 year of didactic courses (but is eq. to 3 semesters). We do not have summers off. Furthermore, PA programs have most of the prerequisites that MD/DO programs have (except physics) and more. PAs have to take anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and genetics. So it might not be necessary that we spend as much time in those subjects as MD/DO programs. In the end, I really don't think duration of the didactic portion that contributes to difference in scientific depth, but perhaps the intensity does. So I propose question #2, how much more intense do you think MD/DO programs are in terms of the didactic curriculum. My second theory is that they have much more difficult tests than PAs. Does anyone have any experience with MCAT, step 1 and 2, or other boards that they have to take? How do these exams compare to the difficulty of the PANCE? For practicing PAs, do you feel like your knowledge is any less of those of your supervising physicians?
  3. Hi Jed, If you don't me asking, how long were the interviews and and why is there two?
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