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  1. Hello all! I have a quick question about a new salary restructuring my hospital just underwent a few months ago that I’m confused by. Essentially we work 10 hour days and are required to work 17-19 to keep our full time salaried positions. So if I work 17 days and my coworker works 19 days, we get paid the same monthly salary. on top of that when I request time off for any reason, I am scheduled for my necessary 17-19 shifts (varies per month since we currently don’t have a set schedule due to limited staff) and am usually as off for the days I requested off so I don’t have the opportuni
  2. Hello! i am currently searching for any physicians or practices who may be looking for a PA in birmingham and surrounding areas. Open to commuting as well. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. I need some advice for a situation and help is greatly appreciated! I recently applied and interviewed for a job that was found through a recruiter. At the time of application I did not realize this was through a recruiter but I have found this isn’t too uncommon. The recruiter did not know any details about the job/hours/pay. She just told me when and where to be for interview. The day of she called me and told me the job would be for nights and weekends only. During my interview I briefly met with HR and one of the practice’s physicians. I was informed this job was a “step into the doo
  4. For those who are not familiar with Birmingham, feel free to shoot me an email at jenw89@gmail.com. I'll be happy to help with your transition! Can't wait to meet everyone and start this huge journey!
  5. I believe that the current 1st year's president will make a Facebook page and invite us! Not sure timeline-wise when that will be.
  6. Hey Johana! I am Jenn from here in Birmingham. SO EXCITED to start this journey! I am more than happy to show anyone around Birmingham, or give suggestions of places to live. WE DID IT!
  7. I got the call around 4PM today! I am SO excited for this journey!
  8. Just got invited for an interview on 11/19! So pumped! Is anyone else interviewing that day?
  9. Has anyone else gotten interview invites this week? I do not know how far in advanced they typically send out invites since I know there is a round scheduled for next week.
  10. Hey! Just for everyone's info that has not gotten an interview invite, I emailed UAB and they said that invitations for interviews will go until the end of November. If we are not selected, then they will send a letter at the end of November.
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