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  1. CASPA OPENED TODAY! Good luck to all those reapplying
  2. Sorry about that @mgar123, I believe you have all the application resources to try again if you like and do not hesitate to contact for any review.
  3. Congratulations to @samblev and @staton! More good news coming!
  4. Yeah it is awesome, the new site technical and academic resources coupled with 2 flagship hospitals for rotation is an experience to look forward to. Good news coming soon to you all
  5. I know the final interview for the class of 2018 has begun and I sincerely wish that colleagues on this forum makes it! Hope we can keep this forum updated and see ways we all can help each other if needed. Good luck!
  6. Yes they accepted 10 students from early admissions and was lucky enough to be one of them. General admission for the remaining 10 seats will be in February. Good Luck to everyone and hopefully some good news from you guys.
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