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  1. My goal was to relate a patient story that not only reflects my experience but shows why I want to be a PA. I also tried to address my shortcomings of inconsistent grades during undergrad and my lack of volunteer experience. While backing in the ambulance at hour eighteen of a non-stop twenty-four hour shift the only thought on my mind was sleep. Standing in the bedroom a few minutes later I heard the sound of a person screaming in pain loud enough to permeate the concrete walls. Unbeknownst to me, my partner had gone outside and witnessed a vehicle turning into the station parkin
  2. Thanks in advance for your help and for reading this. I have made many attempts in writing a statement and this is the first one I haven't deleted after finishing. I'm already debating getting rid of the first paragraph though. Many people are not fortunate enough to find what they are passionate about in life, whether it is their job or a hobby. In college many of us are steered towards a career path, unsure if we are making the right decision or will just end up bouncing around from job to job. One of my advisors pushed me towards physician assistant (PA) and I took steps while in colle
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