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  1. Ask me again at the end of this semester and I'll tell you then! I'm anticipating the most challenging 27 months of my life, and I'm very eager to get it started ;-)
  2. Hello all! I will be starting PA school at the end of this month. I want to wish you all the best during this application cycle!! I know how terrified and nervous you all feel. Good luck to everyone! Fritzy313--- they start sending out interview offers during the first or second week in October. I got my interview invitation on October 9th last year.
  3. Yay! Congratulations!!! Are you added to the FB group yet? If not, send me a friend request and I'll add you to the group! :)
  4. Word on the street is that the president of the class above us will create one for us. Not sure when this will be though, I'm guessing closer to the start of the program but who knows. But I am eager to meet and get to know everyone!
  5. Second Attempt---- ACCEPTED!!!!! Undergrad School: University of Alabama at Birmingham 2014 Major: BS in Respiratory Therapy Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.80 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.77 Age at application time : 23 1st GRE: Q 144/ V 142/ W 3.5 (this is sad, I know) Patient Care Experience: 5784 total Optometric Tech (1728 hours) Clinical hours during Respiratory school (939 hours) Pediatric SRT (1248 hours) Registered Respiratory Therapist working in Neonatal ICU (1873 hours and current) Research: 256 hours Emergency Department Research Assistant at UAB Shadowing: 72 total Neurosurgery PA-C (12 hours) Emergency Medicine PA-C (24 hours) Cardiovascular Surgery PA-C (12 hours) Emergency Medicine CRNP (24 hours) Volunteer: 322 total 72 hours Camp Wheeze Away Volunteer 250 hours Sunday school teacher Honors/Awards: Dean's List, Service to the Community Award, Magna Cum Laude Schools Applied: University of Alabama at Birmingham Application Submitted Date: CASPA submit on 8/14/15.. Verified 8/26 Schools Received Application Date: Early September Interview Invites: UAB for 10/30/15 Denied: will update Withdrew Application: will update Waitlisted: will update Accepted: UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM!! CLASS OF 2018 I was extremely nervous about my low GRE score but am happy that it did not keep me out of PA school. I believe having a background as an RT is what got me in this year. I am on cloud nine right now and am so eager to get started!! Best of luck to everyone, and congratulations to those who have been accepted!
  6. My name is Katie Winfrey, I received the call Tuesday night around 7pm! I'm from Oxford, AL, about an hour east of bham.... I am SO excited to meet everyone! We are going to have the best time of our lives in PA school! Congratulations everyone, we did it!!
  7. Congratulations!! Did Drace mention how many more calls he was planning on making today by any chance??
  8. It appears no one else has received a call today??... Gives me some hope. I also agree with every statement above! This anticipation is killer. Praying they aren't done calling!
  9. So excited for everyone!!! And hoping they continue calls tomorrow :)... congrats to all who have heard back!!
  10. Sorry this is so late, but I brought in my purse and inside it I had a copy of my CASPA application and a notebook and pen to write down anything. I didn't need either of those. They give you a folder with information about the program and a schedule of events for the day along with a pen, a lunch box, and water bottle, all inside a bag for you to keep. The person you interview with already has your information with them and knows everything about you (I was being extra type-A and brought my application just in case). The only advice I have is just relax and go in there prepared to have good day...do that, and you'll be fine. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!
  11. Sweet! Congrats blazergrl91 and ashjav on getting interview invites!! I'm so glad you didn't lose hope! And yes, I'm pretty sure that is the last interview date, assuming they don't have one the following day on Friday. I really hope your boss understands the importance of this interview and doesn't give you any trouble taking off, ashjav! Best of luck to you both and everyone else who has an upcoming interview! :)
  12. Great!! Where are you coming from?? I live an hour outside of bham so I will be driving in that morning for the interview, I will definitely look for you in there :) @kasmittie and @kthorton-- thanks for the insight on the essay topics! You helped settle my nerves tremendously! @LauraFromme-- Thanks for the link to the podcast, I'll be sure to check it out! I'm already intimidated by Maday from what I've read in previous forums and from past students... Do you have any tips if we have our one-on-one interview with him??
  13. Awesome, congrats!! Are you in the morning or afternoon session?
  14. Here's my two cents about the situation-- I applied during the 2013-2014 cycle and didn't get an email about my interview until November 22nd for the December 10th afternoon session. I'm not certain that UAB will offer December interviews this year, but it shouldn't be completely off the table for you guys who haven't heard back yet! There is always a chance they could, so don't give up hope. It is my assumption (from previous experience) that they hold the first two rounds of interviews, fill class spots with those, and then extend invitations for December interviews for any remaining spots. Remember, that's only my theory of how it's done, and I may be completely wrong in thinking that. However, it looks like during last year's cycle, they did not hold December interviews at all. So just keep your head up and stay positive if you haven't heard back! You may not be out of the game. As for the rejection letters... I believe they don't send them out until after all admission decisions have been finalized. Best of luck!
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