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  1. I applied to a newly developed local program that will have it's first cohort begin classes Fall 2016. I completed my undergrad in 2012 with a BS in Biological Sciences and a sGPA of 3.2. Since graduation, I have amassed close to 4000 hours of HCE working as an ED medical scribe and later as a behavioral health tech at a local psychiatric hospital. During my time as a scribe, I also acted as in a supervisory role for 20+ other scribes who comprised the staff for the company's contract. In the semester before applying, I enrolled to retake organic chemistry since I fared poorly when I took the
  2. Thanks. Since the original post, I've contacted my attorney and requested some counsel on the matter as you suggested. Thank you for the advice!
  3. The two questions regarding criminal charges read like so 1)Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? (Exclude minor traffic violations such as speeding tickets.) and 2) Are you now under charges for any offense against the law? (Exclude minor traffic violations such as speeding tickets.) This is followed by a prompt to fully explain the charges if you've answered "Yes" to either of those questions. This
  4. You're absolutely right, and I appreciate the input, because I definitely didn't want to present myself as unapologetic regarding the circumstances of the issue. I'm sure the issue of time between incident and application will hurt me significantly, so I'm trying to convey that I've bettered myself following the event, and that it doesn't define me as a person overall. I've become fairly discouraged that this will serve to overshadow all of my efforts to become the best applicant in one fell swoop.
  5. I was arrested a little over a year ago for DUI, but the charges have since been reduced to Reckless Driving after drawn out court proceedings due to insufficient evidence and a field sobriety test that was conducted outside the lawful parameters in place by the NHTSA. In the time since the initial incident, I've come to the part of my applications where I am asked to 'explain' the misdemeanor charge, but having trouble expressing my thoughts and wondering if I'm going about it in an appropriate manner. Do I use this opportunity to discuss what I've learned about myself and the steps I've
  6. The scribe work definitely served to open my eyes to a facet of medicine that I was interested in. The sheer volume of patients I saw on a daily basis with the physicians gave me so much experience regarding how many patients come to be seen in the ER because they cannot afford insurance, and therefore never end up seeking out a primary care doctor. It helped me to learn that educating patients can play a key role in helping them manage preventable disease, which can have an effect on overall healthcare costs in the long run. My work as an MHT is still ongoing, and it is my first position that
  7. I'm crafting my personal narrative now, and I've having difficulty discerning how to avoid being too long winded about a part of my life that greatly influenced my desire to become a PA. My exposure to the PA profession and my experience with observing PAs in varying specialties began with my father suffering a major spinal injury requiring surgery, as well as two ischemic strokes he suffered, all within my time as an undergraduate. I do have other experience that I've been able to flesh out in the essay, including work as a medical scribe in the ED and a mental health tech at a psychiatric fa
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