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  1. Wow, what a bummer! Keep it up though. You will be a great PA oneday!
  2. You guys were awesome!! It was so great to meet and get to know every one of you. What a diverse group! Best of luck and safe travels. Isaac (el paso)
  3. Thanks for making the res. 7 works! See you guys there!
  4. I'll be flying in from Texas sometime Friday. I'm definitely up for meeting on Friday night!
  5. Congratulations to everyone who got the invite! See you the 23rd!
  6. helpful stuff here guys! thanks for the input.
  7. Great advice here. I graduated with a 3.1 for my first bachelors degree and realized that wasn't going to get me very far. After a couple month break I enrolled in a RT bachelors program and worked hard at finishing with a 4.0. In the meantime I took every volunteer opportunity and leadership position I could at school. After graduating I began working as a RT to gather a couple of years of paid HCE. During that time I specialized in neonatal and pediatric RT. After all that was said and done and I applied through CASPA, my GPA was still different from what I expected (basically a 3.1 + 4.0 do
  8. Submitted my supplemental yesterday! Now the wait begins. Best of luck everyone!
  9. I have the 2 credit med term but as told i needed the 3 cred. Unfotunately schools in my area don't offer the course! I found a 3 credit course online at U of Florida, but its pricey! Does anyone else have any other suggestions on where to take the 3 credit course?
  10. same boat! are any of you guys gonna take the online 3 credit course to fullfill the course needed?
  11. Can a current student provide any feedback as to what it is like to live in the area or recommend places to live?
  12. Seems like you're on a great track. Keep in mind that CASPA calculates GPAs a little less graciously than expected. I calculated mine to be in the 3.6 area and came up with points difference. I posted about how CASPA calculates in case you need info on that. Keep up the good work and make sure to keep your grades high to make sure that cGPA stays in a compettitve range.
  13. Hey all! Quick question. I submitted through CASPA on 8/25, but never received a confirmation or an invite for the secondary application. From what I'm seeing here, it looks like it takes a while for secondary app invites to go out. Anyone know if they send a confirmation upon delivery of CASPA submission? Thanks guys!
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