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  1. I quit working as a marketing and communication coordinator because sitting behind a desk was driving me crazy. I am freelancing and living simply to save money. I decided I am going to use my retirement to get my prereqs taken care of. I am also going to try to get a job at the local hospital. I am 43 and feel like I should make things happen and not wait around. Thank God I have the money to do it. I am going to search to see if I can find any scholarships, grants or financial aid for people in my situation. This was a scary decision but something I wanted to do since 1995 when I was a
  2. I took this year off to figure things out and have time with my kids. I have been doing some freelance work with my photography and design skills but have made very little money, so using retirement money wouldn't hurt too bad at all.
  3. Rev I did find out that I won't get penalized if I use IRA money for college. That may be the way to go.
  4. I was going to try to go full time at a local university and work at a local hospital during my 2 years of prereqs. I may have to dip into my retirement to pay, but I was wondering if there were other options available to me. I have an "interesting" background. Here it is to give some understanding and maybe some entertainment: BSE- Biology. I taught HS Biology for three years. My first year I taught A&P and ran a program to bring students to the UNO Medical Center to see the many different career paths. I was looking at them probably more than the students and decided I wanted
  5. I am racking my brain trying to devise a plan to get back to school. It is a weird predicament I am in it seems, but I can't imagine I am the only 40-something person with a Biology degree that wants to go back to school for a medical career. But here is the problem: My degree (BSE in Biology) is 21 years old and therefore I have to retake the prereqs to get into a PA program. For the PA Program at UMKC it's 37 hours of prereqs in which I've had all but 9 hours. UMKC require they be 7 years old or less. I have to be working towards a degree to receive financial aid. Taking prereqs is n
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