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  1. The low payments sound very appealing, but you have to hedge your bets at the same time. If I go this route, I'd save money in some kind of market account, and re-evaluate after 3,4,5 years to pay it all off versus continuing PSLF. Even then, if the market dips, you're pot committed to PSLF. I'd like to have a bit more freedom and options, so I think I may be steering clear of this route. My pharmacist friend on the other hand, who has >300k of student loans, well PSLF is a no brainer. @EastCoastPA my buddy is doing EM with a contract group, and does not get the non-profit title of the place he works at.
  2. This is good thinking. I'm in this same boat right now, and 20-40k forgiveness is not worth the extra years of paying student loans and having to seek out non-profit job opportunities.
  3. I'm in your same situation. PSLF sounds really good on paper. It frees up extra money every month by using IBR PAYE. But, I'm evaluating what I want in life. Do I want to have to pay student loans for 10 years? Will I want to work for non-profits for 10 years? I think there is more inherent risk (for me) in choosing a path that limits opportunities, and mentally having student loan debt for 10 years. And tracking annual forms to fed loan. etc. It would be a very do-able process, but I think it will be a burden. Also, if marriage is coming, then you'll have to work out filing taxes jointly versus separately. Also, at the end of the day for me, PSLF would forgive between 20-40k, which is a lot of money, but not worth an extra 4-5 years of having student loan debt. I am leaning towards refinancing to around 4% (federal loans are around 6.5%). I'm shortening payments to a 7-year plan, which slightly increases my monthly payment. Now, I can take extra cash and pay down loans aggressively, or (sorry Dave Ramsey), put some money aside in an investment account. This money (hopefully) will grow and I can reassess after 3-5 years to see if I want to take that money to throw it towards loans, or use the capital to put a down on a house, fix my car, etc. It basically frees up money for me to use if needed versus sinking them into loans.
  4. Sounds strong. Apply early and have your documents/transcripts ready. Have a thoughtful personal statement and have friends or a professional review it. We had a handful of paramedics in our class, it seemed like that extra experience helped them. Especially with cards. Good luck!
  5. Hello, I want to know if anyone can evaluate this offer for a position. In coastal CA for a new grad. Base pay is 97k with 10 vacation and 6 sick days. 1000 for CME and DEA fees. No mention of bonus, malpractice, retirement, etc. What is this offer missing, what should be included in the contract that is not already? Call schedule? etc.
  6. How did they measure the technical standards? If your preceptor evaluation binding, or can your advisor overrule this? It may help to understand what mistakes these were and why they were so great for your program to not work with you. I agree with the above as well, it would be quite a battle to explain this to another program. Also - the problem with vision. It's difficult to fully understand what went on, but if this is something that can be fixed, that may be some ammunition for you if you do try another program.
  7. To add some more input: 1. It was mentioned that some core rotations (varying the past few years) are "of-need," i.e. we may have to schedule them on our own? They may shuffle these around, but for the most part they will try to send you to something near you. I had a handful less than five minutes away, and some that were almost an hours drive. Rotation experience was not negatively impacted by this, the preceptors get what you are going through and are mostly understanding. 2. Tuition is listed at $11,600 per trimester; is this to be interpreted as 3 billings of $11,600 per 12 months (fall/spring/summer)? Your math sounds right. If you take the full tuition+COL that would be >130k with interest. 3. What are the state of procedural rooms, OSCE prep rooms etc.? The prep rooms are new, as the building is fairly new.
  8. https://www.nc-sara.org/ Check out this website. California has not signed the reciprocity agreement. Maybe they will in the future.
  9. Still have my fingers crossed and waiting to hear back. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  10. Very excited to hear about an acceptance on Friday, looking forward to the program!
  11. This forum has been quiet! I'm an alternate as well. Keeping my fingers crossed. Has anyone gotten an update? Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
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