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  1. Seems like the waitlist is very long. I was waitlisted last year and didn't even get an invite this cycle. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. Just got a rejection email this morning. I feel like admissions this year has been sloppy so far, I called the dept a few days and they had no clue what the status on my application was.
  3. One 2-on-1 interview. There is a group of around 20-30 students.
  4. I had 1-2 of those questions that caught me off guard, so be prepared for that! Other than that, everything was very laid back. I felt like this trying to answer them on the spot haha.
  5. From the FAQ on their website, I believe the shadowing just has to be listed in CASPA
  6. No word yet over here. I feel like my interview was very subpar. I wonder if they notified some within 24 hours this year.
  7. Rejected a few days ago by email without interview. What a bummer.
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