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  1. I have a friend who is a fellow new grad PA, and she is considering a 2-year residency program in psych. She has a passion for psychiatry and could see herself making big differences there, however she is worried that she may begin to forget general medicine if she only works in psych for 2 or 3 years. Her other passion is ortho surgery (and other general surgery). She has also considered pediatrics and inpatient neonatal as other close-2nd choices. So, I'm wondering if anyone has had to decide between two fairly distinct specialties or switched between the two, years down the road. In particular has anyone here gone from a psych residency program to another specialty (or moonlighted / floated elsewhere)... or any other residency program to something else? In general, how difficult is it to find a general medicine or even surgery job after working only in psych for a while?
  2. I am wondering about this as well and have a friend who is actually considering a 2-year psych residency/ training program. Hoping to hear more replies to this. I'm sure there are folks who have specifically worked in psych for a few years then switched to another specialty or started dividing up their schedule. Any first hand accounts of this out there?
  3. New grad here, searching for a job, but keeping up with what I can on topics like these in the mean time. I think these are good points to be aware of, and I'm curious as to what sorts of progress have been made on the name-change front. I assume there may be other threads about the name-change and I know it would ideally remain "PA." I know in the UK it's "physician associate," which I assume would not bear any greater weight as far as independence. I feel like many new titles can fit into "PA" (though it can be tricky to brain storm and approve), like "patient/practitioner/provider arbiter." I'm simply curious about this and would be happy to become an activist for PAs locally.
  4. Thanks for your post. I thought this gave some valuable insight. I never thought about going through a disease list looking at Tx only. It does seem like a good way to logically back-track and make connections.
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