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  1. Stal, I changed the group to public. Maybe this will work if you try it again?
  2. Hey guys, I know this was asked earlier but for everyone who has already accepted a seat...is there a Facebook page? Or should we make one? This could definitely make it easier to figure out living arrangements.
  3. ^I just got my acceptance today as well. Will you definitely be attending?
  4. Teddygirl, are you interviewing on august 6th?
  5. Hey it took them a while (close to two weeks I believe) for nova to send the supplemental. They do so via email with a link. Once that is completed and relieved they should either call or email you to confirm they received it
  6. Is anyone else interviewing on august 6th? Petunia, when I applied I did not have any outstanding prerequisites.
  7. PositiveV8, thank you! Best of luck with your interview!
  8. @fleur hey how was the interview? How was it structured? Thanks!
  9. @positiveV8 how did they notify you about an interview? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys how did the interviews go? Specifically how was the individual part and was there an essay portion? Thanks!
  11. Just sent in my caspa and mailed in my secondary a few days ago!
  12. Received a phone call a few weeks ago stating they were reviewing my app (which applied to all campuses that I applied to).
  13. @pbnala515 hey how did your interview go?
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