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  1. I have Dr E for lab and K for lecture. I appreciate the help but Im doing fine so far. How is genetics at QCC? All the best and I hope we hear back from the PA schools soon.
  2. Hello, I would like to know if it is ok for an applicant to appeal from an admissions rejection without an interview? Thank you.
  3. Received a notification email (application completed) today from the Bayshore and the Manhattan campus programs.
  4. Is this program still interviewing? CASPA verified 9/23 but no notifications from the program, yet.
  5. Good to hear that classes are going well for you as well. I visited York in August and wanted to take A&P1, but there were issues with the bio department and it was much more expensive than the community college I'm in at the moment. The assistant from SUNY-Downstate stated that since I have applied already for the BS program, if the program transitions into an MS degree and if I get admitted, I will be allowed to continue and finish the program with a masters degree. So, I guess there is probably no harm applying there at the moment but waiting until the transition takes place is probably
  6. It sure will be. How are the prereq courses going? I'm also taking A&P1 and medical terminology at QCC...its not bad so far. Did you apply to downstate as well? I applied there also and wanted to apply to York but now they require the GRE :(
  7. Received a CASPA confirmation email today from CCNY. "The Admissions Committee will review applications through the Fall semester and will begin to call qualified applicants for interviews beginning January 2016"
  8. Finally!! Completed: Sept 4 Verified: Sept 23 Verification notification email received at 3:45 AM EST All the best everyone :)
  9. Yeah, that was the first question I asked the assistant today and she basically said that they can't release info on the topic at the moment and we'll just have to wait until they are approved and send out emails to all the applicants. I guess those emails will have steps to apply for the masters program. You can always call and ask again: 718-270-2324/2325 Tc
  10. I was informed to contact the admissions department regarding any technical issues with the PA program application. Also, this program is waiting to transition into a masters degree, and once they are approved, they will then update the website and send out emails.
  11. I read somewhere on the website that every applicant will get a notification in March regarding their status. They interview till June I think so there is going to be a long wait for us. However, I hope we hear early from them.
  12. Yup, I actually did my undergrad at CCNY (BS in Bio) so I'm a bit overexcited..lol...How about you?
  13. The PA program at CCNY Sophie Davis has officially transitioned to the Master's degree level. They're finally participating with CASPA. The deadline is Jan, 15/2016. http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/sophiedavis/physician-assistant-program.cfm I just submitted my application. Anyone else applying?
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