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  1. I had to make this choice about a month ago. DeSales is a fantastic program. It may be out in the middle of nowhere, but the facilities and faculty are great. 12 years 100 % pass rate is tough to accomplish. But I personally choice SUNY over DeSales. SUNY's only loses about 1 student per year and has a higher graduation rate. Yes their pass rate is 91%, but PA's have told me that 90% of how you do on the Pance is all from your studying and preparation, while 10% is from the school. Also, Desales's class is getting larger and larger while their staff stays consistent. One class had a large with
  2. Is anyone considering giving up their seat to attend a different program?
  3. Are there any other out of state applicants that applied this year? Does SUNY Upstate typically accept any?
  4. What do hiring positions look for in job applicants who are new PA graduates? Does the Pa program or clinical rotation sites matter? I have a choice to make between different PA programs and I dont want employers really questioning my education. One program is pretty rigorous and drops the students who can't "tough it out", but they are very known across the country. While the other program isn't too well known and is only 6 years old, but keeps their students as much as they can. I guess im asking, should I focus towards the popularity and rigor of a program, or just towards attending a progr
  5. I have been accepted for a while but never heard of a facebook group. Can I get the link?
  6. I am considering giving up the spot to attend Desales University in Pennsylvania. I come from the west coast and though I love New York, I'm not entirely sure that I am going to practice in Upstate NY once I graduate. The downside to the program is that there is only 1 clinical site, and seeing that clinical sites are USUALLY the way new PA's are employed, I would have options limiting me to Upstate. Also my fiancé will be out of state, and there aren't really many breaks in the schedule. BUT whats keeping me...is that they keep their students and don't chew em up and spit em out. Also...facul
  7. I interviewed in Early January and was denied two weeks later. The interviewers were a little rude and showed no emotion. It was strange. But I hope everyone does well with their endeavors!
  8. 1. SUNY's cost of attendance is higher due parking fees, professional fee, and cost of living. 2. Each rotation is 4 weeks. They are in medically-underserved communities in Upstate NY. 3. After I graduate, I plan on living in a rural to suburban area. No idea where, maybe the Midwest. But I'm young, have no kids, and have a beautiful woman, so I have options! 4. I believe that a smaller class size is a little better for me. I can stay close to my faculty and my cohort. I know that without a strong cohort there for you, it is close to impossible to get through by yourself. In a large class,
  9. Program 1 does all or most of their clinical rotations in 1 semi-rural facility. Program 2 does rotations at various spots throughout the state. Can you help me come up with a Pros and Cons of each? Would program 1 students be less qualified when looking for jobs because they didn't move around during clinicals?
  10. This is all great advice. Thanks everyone! If anyone has more tips and tricks, that would help! This blog has a lot of views, so people are really tuning in.
  11. Well at Desales, the attrition contributed to mostly dismissals....And also worry that 1 clinical site at SUNY can hinder my chances of employment if I look out of state.
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