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  1. I don't mind help from the other users on this site and some even take the time to mail me a message instead of commenting on my topic. In particular to my previous post, If you have an issue with all my topics do not comment on them. Move along. How would this topic even concern you when it's regarding Yale and Cornell (NY) current students? I'm no longer replying/visiting this topic it was created a week ago. If anyone is a student at any of these two universities, please feel free to send me a message. It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. For Glamorous_Ignoramous and SCHW9076, you have commented on EVERY post I have made. please stop following me I'm not interested in your feedback, it's becoming creepy. Sadly this site does not have a block option. I posted this DAYS ago and realized I should have posted this in the PA Schools Topic forum.
  3. For AliB, On CASPA's FAQ section it does state "......However you may want to contact the schools to which you are applying in acquire as to whether they will accept an additional or substitute letter. If so, you would send this additional letter directly to them". The FAQs really do help out though. Of course you can still switch/add to your CASPA application now but once March 1, 2016 comes around you can't. For mjl194, no problem and best of luck to your girlfriend!:)
  4. But the recommendation letter question, you should contact your schools of choice about that. I wouldn't ask CASPA about that because it's about what the school prefers. It's 2015 not years ago, which means the applicant pool is highly competitive now. If your girlfriend wants to apply to the programs that requires a recommendation from a PA, I suggest she gets in those shadowing hours in now before she applies. I would never apply to a school that requires a recommendation from a PA and I know I don't have one/didn't shadow a PA, just because it's their requirement. You can add no more than 5 evaluations as long as they don't exceed 5 MB. For the most accurate information, please go to CASPA's website scroll down below and click on Instructions and FAQs. It helps you out a lot about the application process.
  5. Hey Kwame! If going to PA school is something you really want to do I would take more upper level classes (like 5 more) to boost up your sGPA. What does your HCE hours look like so far?
  6. Honestly I think you should contact your schools of choice and ask them about your second question. As far as I know once your CASPA application is submitted changes can not be made. As for your first question, one of the recommendation letters should have been from a PA, MD, or DO before applying to CASPA (a lot of schools are different but it's highly suggested to get at least one typed from a doctor). Most schools usually already list these requirements on their website. Usually if you need to update your info they request it or tell you to bring it during the interview.
  7. SUNY Stony Brook is a wonderful university on Long Island (hometown). Good luck to you all that's applying! :)
  8. Thanks Jsilveira! Before I posted this topic, I looked at what they considered as science courses and dental hygiene was definitely in there. Even though I did well in my pre requisites I was just worried as to how the dental hygiene grades would affect my sGPA. Did you complete your dental hygiene major or no? I only took one semester of classes and then switched my major.
  9. That's the spirit! Those months will go by fast anyway! :)
  10. Thank you Toasty for your response. You actually responded to me in a respectful manner. I was just asking because I did bad academically in my previous major and wasn't sure if it would affect my sGPA. If you viewed the responses you would see that their response was indeed incompetent and immature (with the exception of the moderator). Surely, I would never say everyone here is incompetent just the ones who were being immature in this post. If they had such a problem with my topic, it would have been more mature to ignore it as I would do. BTW I have seen posts in other topics with users with the SAME stats as me who were given no sarcastic responses. I'm not that butthurt by it because it's just a forum (Plus so far I'm getting positive feedback from everyone else in this community so I'm not worried if I'm not helped) but users should conduct their selves in an appropriate professional manner. My question has already been answered, don't understand why everyone is still stuck on it since this was posted days ago. Move on and enjoy life!
  11. Hey There! I've been researching many PA programs recently. Even though my top schools are non ivy league, I am pretty interested in the Yale and Cornell University PA programs. Has anyone applied to these programs? Been accepted yet? I found out recently Yale's proposal to set up an online PA program was rejected. I think the online distance learning program could work for the didactic phase (maybe teaching lessons through Skype) but certainly not for the clinical phase. What do you think?
  12. Hey there MaxPower!:) Although I can't confirm your chances I can provide you with a little advice. I also reside in New York but I will be taking the GRE soon. Honestly, I'm not sure what your grades are in your pre requisites but if you have a C or below you should think about retaking them at a community college in order to raise up your cGPA and sGPA. As for the schools you're applying to (considering you're not taking the GRE), you should look into Suny Stony Brook, Hofstra, Touro, and Pace University. To help with your financial issue and boost up your HCE hours, you should look into becoming a CNA, Medical Assistant, or Home Health Aide. I hope my advice helped!:)
  13. Text speak?........Seriously this whole topic was written in correct grammar and punctuation. You repliers seem a little jealous of my accomplishments. I'm no longer replying to this topic and yes I have already typed my personal narrative with input from the Physician Assistants that I shadowed with. You guys seem really incompetent and it's pretty pathetic to me. Good day to you :)
  14. This post is in the appropriate place. Do not respond to this post if you're just causing trouble and being unprofessional. Thank you
  15. You might not need a 4.0 GPA but in any New York PA program (Yes NY program if you fully read my topic) mostly ALL incoming PA students have a 3.5 GPA and an abundant of HCE hours (I know this because my aunt's husband is a professor in a PA program). For you all to want to be considered professionals you are not professional nor decent on this forum (public forum at that). I'm no longer replying to you, it's above me and honestly I could careless about your opinion because the moderator answered my question already. Yes you all need class because obviously by your posts you don't demonstrate any sort of maturity. Good luck and Goodbye now ;)
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