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  1. hey!! no you are not alone.... i am in the same boat as you are. I haven't heard anything from them. When i called and asked I was told by the end of march I would get an email
  2. great thank you all!!. Im super excited!! I will let you know when I receive any news!
  3. Hey guys! i just received an email that they received my application on august 19...How long did it take for you guys to get interview dates?
  4. thanks! @jlthornt... my caspa was finally verified on august 5....does anyone have an idea of how long before u receive an email saying they received your application??
  5. @kaydeeeye yay!! I'm happy for u!! I am applying there too, CASPA finally finished my transcript process on the 24th so now I'm just waiting to be verified!
  6. Hey you guys, i just joined the forum. Im applying to Barry University Miami campus. I am still waiting on CASPA to finish processing my transcript..Is anyone still waiting on CASPA to finish up somethings?? I'm feeling anxious over here.
  7. Hey you guys I just joined the forum. I am applying to UTHSC as well. I am super nervous because CASPA is still processing my transcripts but everything on my half is done.. I am just waiting on them. I tried to be as early as possible. I hope I still have a great chance. Congrats to all of those that received a letter to interview!
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