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  1. Hi everyone, Just an update for you all as I know I was very anxious in waiting to hear about my potential acceptance into PA school. I received a call from the program regarding alternate acceptance. I unfortunately had to decline my alternate acceptance, an extremely difficult decision, but I had already accepted a seat to another program. This program was definitely one of the best program interviews I had the opportunity to be a part of (out of the many I've had) and have no doubt they'll graduate incredible PAs. Unfortunately, one can only be accepted and matriculate into one school :( I hope good news comes someone else's way soon!
  2. Hello! Did everyone who received an interview invite also receive an email or notice regarding their application being complete? I haven't yet received any correspondence since submission of all my materials so I was just wondering. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi everyone! I got a call a few days back for an interview Dec. 1. Super nervous but very excited for it! Thank you all for posting updates about prior interview dates and acceptances. It's really nice to know where the admissions cycle is :)
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