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  1. I'm assuming since I have not heard anything that I won't be getting an interview. Bummed cuz really like this school!
  2. I still have not heard anything since my app was verified in July. Anyone else in same boat?
  3. Got an invitation to interview March 8 so booked my flight and everything and hotel.. 2 hours later got an email saying my invitation was a mistake and sorry for the inconvenience..... Really upset and got hopes up???? Maybe I'm not good enough to be a PA as this has happened to me 4 times this cycle
  4. Any more interviews? Verified in June and still haven't heard so starting to lose hope
  5. If I have yet to hear for an interview should I assume I won't be getting one?
  6. Submitted my supp app in middle of December. How long does it typically take to hear about an interview?
  7. Anymore interview invites.. Still nothing
  8. Should I Assume I'll get a rejection letter since have yet to hear anything regarding interviews?
  9. I'm in the same boat still havnt heard anything
  10. Any updates/interviews/ rejection letters? I havnt heard anything so expecting a denial letter soon but was curious if anyone else has.
  11. Lucky! I'm waiting on denial letter :(
  12. for the supp app did others have a lot of Nos to Qs because I have no clue what to write. I have the bigger essays done
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