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  1. I'm assuming since I have not heard anything that I won't be getting an interview. Bummed cuz really like this school!
  2. I still have not heard anything since my app was verified in July. Anyone else in same boat?
  3. Any more interviews? Verified in June and still haven't heard so starting to lose hope
  4. If I have yet to hear for an interview should I assume I won't be getting one?
  5. Hope for something positive in jan
  6. Same! Hope for interview I was verified in middle of July and havnt heard anything since
  7. Still haven't heard anything. Should I anticipate a rejection?
  8. Has anyone got accepted without doing a mission trip?
  9. Same! Got email a few months ago saying app complete etc. otherwise havnt heard
  10. Me either! Contacted and was told one interview was in October and rest are January- April so still have awhile
  11. Maybe it was email error I thought was odd. Good luck to you and hope I get an interview as well
  12. Just got email that app. Is complete and under review! Interviews go until December-January. Fingers crossed!
  13. Got email today that they have not got my GRE s scores so resent them. Fingers crossed :/
  14. I was verified mid June and havnt heard anything. Does that mean I will be getting a denial letter?
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