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    Non-Traditional Pre-PA Student

    I'm in PA school with 2 kids. Biggest thing will be your support system - you NEED to have solid support to do this, ideally with more than one person helping at home. You need to know that someone reliable will be with the kids so you can focus on studying instead of worrying about them eating dinner or getting to bed or doing their homework. Also, your support system has to really understand what a big time commitment PA school is, especially in your first year. Your schoolwork and studying has to come first for it to really work. My husband essentially put his personal life on hold and became Mr. Mom for the past 2 years so I could be successful, and my in-laws have helped a ton. I owe a huge amount of my success so far to them. Best of luck!
  2. I'm about 3.5 months away from graduation. Recently, an advisor from our school came to talk to our class about finding our first jobs. He recommended going on LinkedIn, looking up former grads from our program who are employed where we'd like to work, and calling them or sending them emails asking for advice on getting hired, even if we don't know them from Adam. I feel a little weird about doing this, and I want to know what the general consensus is on this one.
  3. If you've been there/done that, or are there/doing it, do you have any advice for someone about to join your noble ranks? Anything you wish someone had told you before you started? Thanks! :)
  4. I interviewed on January 25th and received a call on February 5th as well. It would make sense that they would have to make a few more calls, as the odds that everyone they accepted will accept the offer to attend are low. As I understand it, it would seem they call everyone they accepted in one day, and then fill in the ranks (or not) as those people accept (or decline) the offer to attend. I believe people have one week to make up their minds. So, by around Feb 12th for the first round. It is likely that they will extend offers to a few more people in the coming weeks. I would say, however, that as time goes on, the odds of getting a call from them will decrease. HTH
  5. Thanks all. Got in to my first choice program! :D
  6. lastone

    2015-2016 Applicants

    Thanks! Best of luck!
  7. lastone

    2015-2016 Applicants

    For those who interviewed already, did they send you an email with more information before your interview day or did you have to call to get the info? Thanks
  8. Holy poop just got an email - I'm invited to interview in January!! It's happening! Good luck you guys!
  9. Not yet. Sit back, relax and remember...
  10. Got the email that I met the minimum reqs today. I was verified on September 2nd, so one month exactly if anyone is still looking for that confirmation email. Hoping for good news this month! Good luck everyone!
  11. lastone

    2015-2016 Applicants

    Agh I follow too many boards. I meant to post that on a different one. Duh. But hey it's 10/1! Now everyone can feel free to really start stressing about things that are completely out of their control! I've since decided to take the proverbial chill pill and let things fall where they may. I've done my best at this point and that is all I can ask of myself, until there is more to be done. I urge anyone else who is sweating it to adopt a similar mindset before you drive yourselves C R A Z Y! Good luck to all! :)

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