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  1. Why is it taking forever to hear a response! I’ve called several times throughout the week and they don’t answer the phone it goes directly to voicemail:(
  2. I was thinking the exact same thing! How could some people gotten accepted already:/
  3. Have any of you called backed to see when they might do acceptance/rejection emails?
  4. So I emailed Ms.Davila last week asking her an estimated time of when we would know if we got accepted/rejected and she hasn’t written back. Usually when I email her I get a response with hours or at the latest a day:(
  5. Since UTRGV will be conducting interviews in November as well. Does that mean that we will not know if we got accepted/rejected until December?
  6. Just know why you want to be a pa. They will be taking a picture of you for there notes.
  7. I had to stop at two check points since my hometown has one border patrol station and McAllen one. But that was the only time I actually talked to them I didn’t have any issues with then while in McAllen and UTRGV
  8. I was able to see the list and there were 8 listed for both rooms today. I accidently saw it because they were trying to check what room I was going to be interviewed in.
  9. Did you gat a gift bag one you finished the interview at UTRGV? I was surprised that they gave gifts out.
  10. I interview tomorrow morning. I submitted my Caspa on August 3 and got verified by UTRGV on the 19:)
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