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  1. Yup! I've been accepted and am extremely excited about attending this program. The faculty and current students are amazing!!
  2. Hiya! Here's my stats: Cumm. GPA: 3.31 Science GPA: 3.18 GRE: 305, 4.5 HCE: 2,000+ in EMS Shadowing: 60+ hours Hope that helps. The interview is very laid back. Just be yourself. :)
  3. Thank you so much for your response! I appreciate it. I'll try to keep up hope.
  4. Still have not heard anything from Penn State with regards to an interview offer. My supplemental application was verified back in September. Is it safe to say at this point in the game that I have little to no chance of receiving an interview? Is there anything I can do to generate interest with the application committee to possibly still have a shot? As a non traditional candidate with a diverse background and EMS experience, I had hoped I would have a good shot the opportunity. :/
  5. Why did you start this new thread when there was already one established? All you're going to do is confuse those of us who are looking for current information on the application process. Please, do not do this. With all due respect, you're only adding to the confusion and stress of the process. Thank you.
  6. I interviewed that day as well and have not heard anything yet.
  7. Thanks for the info. Just wanted to know what my chances were for acceptance. I have an interview on Thursday next week. :)
  8. I interviewed on October 21st. Hoping to hear something back soon. Really enjoyed the interview and meeting the faculty and students.
  9. How many spots does Mount Union have? Does anyone have an idea of how many spots are still open?
  10. I'm glad they're working so hard on securing the accreditation. I just hope they're not rushing the process. It might be better to wait for 2017. The most important thing is for Slippery Rock to maintain their cert. If they lose it because not enough people pass their boards, all of the tuition spent on 2+ years of education is down the tubes. It's important to understand what Provisional Accreditation means. That being said, when I met some of the faculty, it's obvious they are passionate about the program and I have no doubt Slippery Rock will have an amazing program once everything fall
  11. It was an individual information session I set up. The downside for some of us is we've already been accepted some places.
  12. I want to say I remember them saying something upwards of 40, tops 60. The only thing that makes me nervous is the lack of communication. Other newer programs have had much better lines of communication with potential applicants, especially on the status of the program and expectations. I love the town of Slippery Rock and was very excited about the program when I met with some of the faculty but the lack of communication as a whole makes me hesitate.
  13. I still have yet to hear anything. When I spoke with the program, I heard their class size was going to be pretty substantial. I'm not sure how they will accomplish this if they don't start the interviews soon.
  14. How long after your interview did you hear from them regarding your acceptance?
  15. I interviewed on September 25th and haven't heard anything yet. I'm assuming that means I did not get accepted. :/
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