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  1. Enterprise was awesome, it is a little bit pricer but well worth it... I literally did not even have to wait for one second in a line!
  2. Received an interview invite a few weeks ago, confirmed for October 23rd, but will be canceling b/c I got into my first choice school this week. Hope that opens up a spot for one of you; good luck to everyone!!
  3. I got my interview invite for Miami Shores last week, scheduled for 10/23, but will be declining now b/c I got into my first choice school this week. I hope that opens up a spot for one of you, good luck to everyone!!!
  4. Thank you!!! I'm going to go to NAU for sure :) if you got accepted yesterday (or for future acceptances) be sure to add yourself to our FB group for our class of '18 cohort!
  5. Interviewed today and just got accepted around 4!!!!! So ecstatic I can't believe it!!!
  6. I was in the first interview group on August 11th.... anyone else from my interview group get accepted?!?? Also, to answer a question regarding the wait list... I remember Michael saying that when an spot opens up they all get together any choose who they're going to offer it to. I do not think that there's an actual "ranking".
  7. I'm pretty sure we all heard at the same time around 3pm!
  8. I also received my acceptance letter today!!!! Tears of joy is all I can say. Congrats to everyone else who got theirs as well, and all those who haven't heard yet- remain hopeful!!!!!!
  9. I received confirmation that my application was under review on May 26th and received an interview invite on June 10th. TUN seems very on top of it and were always quick to respond to my questions. They don't seem to be a school that keeps you waiting, so just continue to check your email!
  10. It took him about a week-ish to get back to me after I received my interview invitation. He'll give you a call so be expecting one from the Vegas area. Just be patient, he won't forget about you :)
  11. To my knowledge they have not started sending out interview invites yet. Regardless of when you submitted your application, all schools are on a different timeline so it is completely normal to not have received an interview invite yet.
  12. Hi all! Received my completed application confirmation about a month or so ago... anyone else with any news?
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