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  1. Some what off topic but what are your thoughts on PA vs RN/NP in healthcare administration. Do nurses have more oppurtunity to move up the ranks? I'm currently in a post bac program and can't decide between the two :) I have an ems background and previous management experience so I would like to do both at a higher level.
  2. I have great interest in flight medicine and critical care transport. I've read previous threads and saw PAs really don't have a role in either. Would becoming a paramedic prior to PA school be the best option? Are there any other routes to take?
  3. Hi everyone, Was just wondering if it was at all normal to pay to shadow someone in the field? I've seen a few programs were people offer a mentor-ship/shadowing opportunity and charge for it. Thanks!
  4. Hi, My undergrad (finance major) GPA is a 3.29. I applied to Stony Brooks Post Bac program and even if I do really well (say a 3.66) my overall GPA will still be a 3.39-3.4. While in college I spent a ton of my time obtaining great volunteer HCE. I became an EMT-B and the following year went onto become a EMT-CC (in total 543 hours of classes). While taking the EMS courses and in school/doing finance internships full time I responded to exactly 500 EMS calls in 2012, and 400 in 2013. I also got an award for being EMT of the Year in 2012 and have a lot of great things I can talk abo
  5. Hi, Has anyone been through Stony Brooks Post Bac program or completed their PA pre-reqs (bio, a&up, etc) at Stony Brook? I applied in August for the 2016 spring semester and should be hearing back soon. If so, what did you think? Did you get accepted into Stony Brooks PA program? Is it very difficult to get the 3.6+ science GPA needed to get into Stonybrook?
  6. Hmmmm I was thinking of becoming a paramedic during the year when I apply and when the PA program would start. Do you think ER tech would be a better experience? With the medic id get to do rotations through a lot of different parts of the hospital (er, or, nicu, etc.)
  7. I will be going back to school full time to take my science pre-reqs next year. I want to use my time wisely and was wondering what are some good skills to build/certifications to have. I'm not worried about these helping me get into school as I already have 1000+ hours of HCE. I really just want to be as prepared as possible to succeed once I am there. So far I've come up with: Phlebotomist EKG Technician Pharmacy Tech What else can you guys recommend? Should I take courses on suturing so I'm familiar with the process prior to starting PA school? What other procedures can I learn
  8. Hi, I'll try and keep this short! I'm just about to turn 24 and have a Bachelors degree in Finance (3.29 overall gpa). I'm interested in becoming a PA. Healthcare experience: For the last four years I have been a dedicated member of my local fire departments volunteer ambulance unit (still there). I've been awarded EMT of the Year, got awards for making the most calls (500+ a year) twice. After becoming an EMT-B I also spent a year at Nassau University Medical Center becoming an AEMT-CC (ALS in Nassau County NY). Overall have about 1500 hours of direct patient care experien
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