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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I think I will just go ahead and apply to a few schools and see what happens, if the worst thing that can happen is I have to reapply then why not. Good luck everybody!
  2. I realize its getting pretty late (had to take a pre-req this summer and the schools I'm applying to deadlines are 9/1), but as I read on this forum more and more I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother applying or take another gap year. I just finished my undergrad and will be taking one gap year working as a CNA, but I just got the job and haven't worked more than 100 hours yet, and I only have another 250 hours from volunteering (hospital and hospice). So very little HCE and only about 20 hours shadowing an MD. If accepted I will have well over 1,000 hours by the time I matricula
  3. Thank you for the advice everyone! I have one letter from a professor I did research with (but didn't have in class) and one from my coordinator at the hospice place I worked at so a letter from someone about my academic performance is the only one I need. So it looks like I will be asking my advisor for a letter, I will be sure to provide him with supplemental materials and the like. Thanks again!
  4. I am applying for PA school this cycle and I have 2 out of my 3 letters. My last letter was supposed to be from a professor who had agreed during fall semester to write my letter, however he left the university in the spring without my knowledge and without leaving anyway to get in touch with him. I tried calling his department and they said they would "email him on my behalf" but I haven't heard anything. I made the mistake of not asking any other professors since he had already agreed and I've already graduated and am running out of time to find a replacement. I emailed my advisor and explai
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