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  1. We are Physician Assistant Students at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY and we are conducting our Masters research thesis concerning the recommendations of probiotics made by Physician Assistants. Probiotics are a relatively recent topic in clinical practice that’s surrounded by many questions and controversy. Their role and specific purpose in certain clinical scenarios remains up for debate, and often a product of provider preference. While there are many recent studies reflecting physicians’ habits and preferences regarding the recommendation of probiotics to their patients, there has yet to be much information reflecting that of PAs’ in the literature. It is the aim of this survey to inquire further as to the current opinions, preferences, and practices of PA’s regarding probiotics, and identify any potential hurdles that prevent PA’s from recommending them to their patients. Please take a moment to fill out our brief survey linked below, we would greatly appreciate it. https://hofstra.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9mJir7Uu4x7fbE1 Thank you!
  2. Area is decently safe. Students live together in houses and have no problems and many commute from home. The program is a challenge especially the first semester and even people who were great students in college struggle but the faculty is willing to help in any way they can. Definitely do not want to weed anyone out. Anyone that starts the program can finish in my opinion if they are willing to work hard of course. And yes i enjoyed it! Despite not having much of a life me and my classmates were close and I looked forward to coming to class.
  3. Caspa verified June 26 Interview offer october 28 for november 18 Accepted november 24
  4. Cbrutts yea i received confirmation July 7th. Hopefully we hear back soon!
  5. My caspa was verified June 26 and I havent heard anything. Should I be concerned? I received confirmation July 7th but thats it.
  6. Does this program really start January 2016? four months from now?
  7. Denied as well. Caspa verified june 26th. Best of luck to everyone with your other schools! It seems like they denied a lot of good candidates so im curious what they were looking for in applicants.
  8. From looking at last years thread it seems the first interview invites were sent out around the end of september for interviews in late october
  9. Im not sure i noticed that too. Id say it would be the one on the schools website but better call them to be sure! Maybe they can contact caspa if its incorrect so more people can submit their applications.
  10. So sorry to hear about the denials that stinks especially since i thought we wouldnt hear back until after october. For those denied were your gpas below the minimum requirment? I went to an info session at NYIT and they said they would not even look at an application where the gpa was below the requirement
  11. It cant hurt to try! I did hear from a friend she was notified of acceptance yesterday. So not sure how much of the class is filled already.
  12. Nope! Not even a confirmation. I applied to both winthrop and bayshore
  13. Im anxious too my application was verified 6/29 and still havent heard anything
  14. Its a good start but try not to say anything negative about doctors or nurses ! The first paragraph also really confused me. Dont try so hard to make it sound good just write it to make it sound natural.
  15. I liked it! I didnt like the paragraph where you mention you had trichotilomania. I feel like you can add a different paragraph here instead that would better fill the space. Maybe focus on why PA and not MD or nursing, and talk about a time you were the health care provider since health care experience is a main component to getting into PA school.
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