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  1. Samann, I am starting school this August at the St. Croix campus as I applied last year. The education is all the same as everyone sits in on the same lectures via a skype-type of system. You'll get a feel for it during the group interview. So sometimes professors at your campus will be teaching, and other times it will be over a huge screen from one of the other campuses. I chose St. Croix because it is so medically understaffed compared to Miami and St. Pete, so during the clinical year STX students will get a lot more hands-on experience. However, living on a tiny island can be hard on some people. I would suggest looking up the different areas (STX, STP, and MIami) and get a feel for them all. Just remember, no matter where you go, the didactic education is the same :) Hope that helps.
  2. I was waitlisted after an interview in November of 2014 and was accepted in March of 2015 and will start in August. They called me first to see if I was still interested and about 10 minutes after that phone call I got the email with the acceptance letter.
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